Woman Kills Her Newborn Baby Girl After Delivery In Plateau State

woman kills her baby after delivery

January 27,2016 – Woman Kills Her Newborn Baby Girl After Delivery, Drops Her Corpse In A Pot In Plateau State

A female farmer has been arrested in Plateau state for the alleged murder of her newborn baby girl.

The widow (name withheld) reportedly used a blanket to suffocate her baby after delivery and then dropped her in a pot.

She took the pot to the backyard of her home before heading to the farm.

Coincidentally, some curious children who were playing around the backyard picked the pot to play only to discover the lifeless body of the baby.

They quickly raised an alarm.

The suspect was arrested on her farm in Panyam area of Mangu today.

5 thoughts on “Woman Kills Her Newborn Baby Girl After Delivery In Plateau State

  1. Wicked,heartless woman. You killed the baby you carried in your womb for good nine months. The devil as overwhelmed this woman

  2. She must be suffering from post-partum depression. What normal woman carries a baby in her womb for nine months, goes through excruciating pain of delivery and then kills her baby? She needs treatment in a psychiatric hospital, arresting her will not serve any useful purpose.

  3. Pls dis is vry 2 bad of her doin such wicked tin 2 her newly born child. Abeg she desever serious treatmnt.

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