Younger Nigerian Men & Foreign Grandma Brides: Is Nigeria That Bad?

nigerian man marries grandma brides

April 21, 2012 – Younger Nigerian Men & Foreign Grandma Brides: What’s Nigeria Turning Into?

As you can see in our previous posts, the rate at which younger Nigerian men are getting married to over-age women is rapidly increasing.

To make the matters worst, most of these women are twice their age and mostly American.

Look below for few photos taken at the Ikoyi Registry in Lagos State, Nigeria.

nigerian man marries grandma brides

Even though anyone above 18 is legally allowed to marry a spouse of his choice, but should it someone X3 your age? So far, we have seen it happening between young Nigerian men and white women which may make one suspect it is for immigration purposes.

nigerian men and grandmother bride

What is Nigeria turning into? Is Nigeria that bad?

Please share your thoughts.

22 thoughts on “Younger Nigerian Men & Foreign Grandma Brides: Is Nigeria That Bad?

  1. Yes nigeria z bad, bt nt to d xtns of yong men maryn der granma as wife, may b the yong boys dat ar doin it av der reason of doin so bt 4 me my PAPA no gri ova my livn soul dat i wil marry granma as wife.

  2. What is Nigeria turning into? Is Nigeria that bad? this question should go to our law makers that turns our economy into their own private business, as for our young men i deeply encourage them to hunt for more women overseas to enable them get a greener pasture, even me, if i see one older than my grandmother i will go for her because nIGERIA is very bore for we youths

  3. yes, Nigeria is dat bad ooh, @ least wen they succeed 2 migrate they will not only satisfy their quilk money makin taste but also escape untimely death in the hand of BOKO HARAM, abeg i wish them success in their adventure and pray this women die’s quilk as they intend so as they might have more years to flex,,,,,,do i hear them say amen!!? Na waoooh..

  4. All those foreign grandma brides don’t look pretty but they have a heart of gold to marry Nigerian men and give them a much greater opportunity to go forward in life.

  5. we are in another planet not earth and this is not happening only in Nigeria. it is also happening in other countries because this is the fourth generation that has been cursed, they are lazy and greedy and because we women we are kinda desperate they are taking advantage of this

  6. Nigeria is that bad, a beg if u see any american grandma abeg make i come marry am,i go too show am love. America is my dream.

  7. d world has turned upside down nd men re deceived by lies of d devil so th can do any thing to get wats they want. als wenwomen lost ha glory by sleepin around wen she s young nemesis come upon .hear pple Repent now u ladies

  8. Woow,infact d bad nature of nigeria is beyound human expression.Wat den do u xpect of vibrant youths who seek and can’t afford jobs in their motherland,i think dis publicity will only increase d situation as most youths who never thought of dis are now informed and wil only find d way now.Let dem have their way,its a free world,man must survive.Shame on nigeria

  9. Nigeria is that Bad and boyz most survive since our government don’t care for the youth….The government care for only their kids and self interests….

  10. I beg, make una no blame dem o. I believe everybody is looking 4 a way 2 survive n if dat is d only option left, then let them b. Remember, use what u have 2 get what u want.

  11. Nawaa for some niger guys oo. you no even fear if she die in your hands while makin love with her. wait a munite hw can you even make love with someboby dat’s old enough to be ur mother? gUY I FEAR YOU OO.

  12. It’s not just Nigerian men, Caribbean men are doing the same thing. St. Vincent, Jamaica they are all the same ruthless, unethical, unscrupulous people

  13. The economic situation in Nigeria is very bad,i need that grand ma connection pls,at age 25 no work no wife no girl friend,infact i feel like treking through the desert to is my number **************

  14. guys u are too much jooooooooooo if anyone want to know what is going on with guys plz ask our government before saying anything…. good day

  15. is a free world,you are just sitting your ass there and ask such a silly question,go out there and be an illegal immigrant in another man counties then you would know what a permit is and not just sitting your ass there and starting judging the innocent and opportunity younger Nigerian the older women or granny have given then from pure heart.Leave that topic and move forward to another matter issue of Nigeria bad government.

  16. Don’t actually know why pple re fond of telling shit about younger guys dating older women,while they kept silent on forefathers & papas marrying teenagers including under age.

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