Yvonne Okoro Vs Yvonne Nelson: Who Is Hotter?

yvonne okoro vs yvonne nelson\

July 29, 2013 – Yvonne Okoro Vs Yvonne Nelson: Who Is Hotter?

They both have 3 things in common namely;

The hot hair, their first name and their country of birth.

Take a look at the two movie stars, who rocked the hair most?

21 thoughts on “Yvonne Okoro Vs Yvonne Nelson: Who Is Hotter?

  1. Nelson’s hair is a bit wild and all over… otherwise they are both hot. but Okoroko is just calmly sexy while Nelson is crazy sexy or wild sexy if u wana call it like tht.

  2. They are all wearing an artificial look which does not glorify their maker,for that, they look FAKE!

  3. Yvonne Nelson is the hotest in the moving industry both ghana and nigeria.stop compelling her with other actress.

  4. if i may say anyfin yvonne okoro is hotter dan yvonne nelson but will like it more if d both looks naturally than all dis rubbish make-ups. am i right?

  5. though both are sexy, but Yvone Nelson looks sexier and the grasp of her artistic prowess determines her popularity

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