8 African Migrants Drown, Others Missing As Rubber Boat Sinks On The Mediterranean Sea

rubber boat carrying african migrants sinks Mediterranean sea

January 6, 2018 – 8 African Migrants Drown, Several Others Missing As Inflatable Rubber Boat Sinks On The Mediterranean Sea

Not less than 8 African migrants have drowned and 84 have been rescued after a rubber boat sank off the coast of Libya, the Italian coastguard said.

Several others might still be missing, the Spanish rescue charity Proactiva Open Arms said.

It is believed to be the first sinking of a migrant boat in the Mediterranean in 2018.

The sea crossing to Europe is the deadliest route in the world for migrants, the UN says.

3 thoughts on “8 African Migrants Drown, Others Missing As Rubber Boat Sinks On The Mediterranean Sea

  1. Those ones are ready food for sharks. How can anyone in their right minds cross an ocean or sea in rubber boats? Would they rather die than roughing it out in their own countries? Who told them living in a foreign country guarantees comfort or easy life? God help us Africans o.

  2. I know that we Africans are really stubborn and always want to make it fast,and again most of us,especially the youths do not read or listen to news,hence the awareness on danger facing such trip always fell on no ears and sometimes to deaf ones.

    …But most importantly,Nigeria is already a failure in every ramifications. Nigeria youths need to wake up and follow suite with IPOB to boycott this their ritual called election,if the youths allow all these criminals regain momentum from the bruise inflicted by Nnamdi Kanu of IPOB,then the possibility of more hardship is unavoidable.
    Nobody is talking about restructuring anymore as they have abducted or kidnapped Nnamdi Kanu.

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