8000 Boko Haram Members Have Surrendered To The Nigerian Army

8000 boko haram members surrender

August 16, 2016 – 8000 Boko Haram Members Have Surrendered To The Nigerian Army In Ongoing Operation Safe Corridor In Borno & Gombe States

At least 8000 members of the dreaded Islamic terror sect have surrendered to the Nigerian military.

According to a statement released by the Nigerian military in Abuja today, the repentant terrorists willingly surrendered to its Operation Safe Corridor in Borno state.

Brigadier General Rabe Abubakar who disclosed the message to journalists in Abuja few hours ago said the insurgents are currently camped in Gombe waiting to the de-radicalized by the Nigerian military.

Abubakar also said over 10,000 captives rescued by the military have been reunited with their loved ones while others were taken to IDP camps in Borno state.

He further assured Nigerians that the military is working to put an end to the incessant killings by Fulani herdsmen across the country.

10 thoughts on “8000 Boko Haram Members Have Surrendered To The Nigerian Army

  1. This is a good news absolutely!“ The operation safe corridor” should not be confined within borno and Gombe alone but should be extended to other states where they also have there hideout. That’s a great performance from the nigeria military. but our military now want to make sure thorough investigation about each repentant boko haram individual has to be carried out to know there real intentions. Before there integration back to the nigerian society,the federal government must make sure these repentant ones should be given full training and enlightenment most likely in the aspect of agriculture. They have to fund that agricultural project and keep a close watch on there progress. This is highly necessary so that they won’t fall back to there formal group and it will also encourage others to lay down there arms and embrace peace.

  2. Boko Haram is just only small sect of radical terror who have the backing of traitors in the military as well as among the politicians. These betrayers are the one prolonging this war otherwise Boko Haram could have long gone. Take a look at them, simple weapon such as starvation will make them back down. Block their avenue to food and water supply that ends it all. This is a good news from our military men. It really shows that you guys are making great efforts to end this BH rebellion.

  3. 8000? I am lost betwixt happiness and doubts. Is the number real or exaggerated? If this number of terrorist should, of their own accord, surrender, we should hope that the remainder has been greatly weakened. Therefore, any increased activity of Boko Haram in the nearest future would only mean that the military lied to us. I hope they didn’t.

  4. am beginning to suspect that all this story are cooked up by our military men… how could they keep surrendering (8000) and being caught everyday and still yet no improvement… 8000 members how many are they in total (i mean the whole sect).
    #clueless human but

  5. Its difficult for me to believe dis news, I don’t think d no of those that came out is up to that, bcos its just too good to be true, let’s wait and see how d story unfolds.

  6. Nigeria soldiers no the shame, you guys will just go and park innocent children put on the internet that is boko haram. talk a good look at this children. you don’t need to be told if you see boko haram.

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