Ini Edo Battles Pregnancy Rumour Months After Miscarriage

ini edo pregnant 2013

Jan 25, 2013 – Ini Edo Battles Pregnancy Rumour Months After Miscarriage

Nollywood actress Ini Edo who lost her 4-month pregnancy last year to a sudden miscarriage is currently battling another rumour.

Ini Edo was spotted with a bulgy belly over 2 weeks ago at the birthday party of Actors Guild of Nigeria’s president, Ibinabo Fiberesima.

Though she appeared pregnant , we can now confirm that the star actress isn’t pregnant.

The actress has battled a bit of weight gain since her last miscarriage.

Since her glamorous wedding to a US-based business man, she has lost over 3 pregnancies.

Ini make u remember to tuck belle next time o.

God go do am for you!

17 thoughts on “Ini Edo Battles Pregnancy Rumour Months After Miscarriage

  1. my dare i nt dey like talk abt nolloywood pple becos their life sytle dey bad,bt lni edo take my advice consecrate ur life to JESUS fully e wil protect dis one 4 u.

    • Remember Marymagdaline she was a prostitude but today she is a saint. If she can change her ways,it shall be well with her.

  2. Love ya ini edo!….just like your name implies.”time is God” God will surely make a way for you!. Just do one thing for me. When d next preg. Comes! Stay out of d media until d baby arrives. God bless!.

  3. my sister check mostly ur marital back ground and also ur belle they might be something wrong between those two places even before it become too late that the story might change to pettiable case. how could you be losing pregnancy and you are happy broadcasting it in the name of celebrity forgetting the other part of it. my dear go for solution you will be happy to see your grow out like a those men that drank gulder bear alot hoping and expecting to see, carry and even breast feed ur own baby. i think then you will be more happy sharing the news than that of miscarraige.

  4. Ini be patient im your fan from Kenya and loosing a pregnancy doesn’t mean its the end of having children.

  5. do you know what makes marraige happy? It is children. give heart to your husband children will come. I’m a friend based in Gabon but a CITIZEN OF NIGERIA.

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