Anambra Governor Obiano Suspends Taxes, Levies In Schools & Transport Sector To Fight Recession

anambra state governor suspends taxes


By Ononye VC

The Anambra State Governor Dr Willie Obiano on Wednesday announced suspension of taxes and levies in schools as well as reduced fees paid daily by Okada and Keke riders to N50 and N200 respectively.

In a state wide broadcast yesterday, the governor said it was part of his Stimulus Package to cushion the effect of recession on the citizens of the state.

The governor also suspended payment of emblem fees on commercial vehicles and wheelbarrow fees as well as initiated other measures that will favour all categories of industries and enterprises in the state.

The Anambra State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Ogbuefi Tony Nnacheta in a post broadcast session with journalists said Governor Obiano remained committed in making life better for the citizens of the state.

He emphasized that Obiano’s package was not a re-election gambit adding that the governor has been meeting his obligations to the people of the state such as paying salaries and employment of the youths which some other states have failed to do.

The above photo shows commissioner Ogbuefi Tony Nnacheta(middle) briefing journalists.

6 thoughts on “Anambra Governor Obiano Suspends Taxes, Levies In Schools & Transport Sector To Fight Recession

  1. For me, I would have considered commonsensical reduction. These fees and taxes are revenues to the state, he might be creating more of the problem he is trying to solve. Very soon he would consider mass layoffs of state workers because the state will be dead broke soon. In a developing society, such emotional economics leads to more problems and mostly takes the politician(s) with it.

  2. If this Governor come out of his comfort zone by taken steps narrated above, that means he is a good governor who has a good intention for his people. I’m not from Anambra state only Anambra indigenes can attestify to this. It will be very appreciative if all our governors can do the job which people voted them to do rather than seeing their position as a way to amass wealth.

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