Another PDP Politician Tears Party Card In Gombe Hours After Obasanjo Dumped PDP

pdp member tears card

Feb 17, 2015 – Another PDP Politician Tears Party Membership Card In Gombe State  Hours After Obasanjo Dumped PDP

Less than 24 hours after the political grandfather of PDP openly disgraced the party, other politicians are following him.

The latest PDP member in this card-tearing saga has been identified as Mr Abdullahi Muhammad, an aide to Gombe state governor. He tore apart his PDP membership card yesterday afternoon on hearing that Obasanjo has been expelled from the party.

See another photo.

Na wa oooo.

14 thoughts on “Another PDP Politician Tears Party Card In Gombe Hours After Obasanjo Dumped PDP

  1. PDP means people destroying people so there is nothing bad in destorying their cards.
    The same party had destroyed Nigeria. they deserve more than this

  2. Pls tear all the things u benefited 4rm pdp ur house @ asokoro district and maitama and d one u bought @miami.

  3. Jonathan is really the man because he is the only person who can stand and face this fools and there cabals who worship OBJ

  4. There’s always an end to everything in life. PDP as a party have been too complacent and never thought an end could ever be so near. Jonathan came just to destroy the fortunes of the party and that is exactly what is happening.

  5. the gr8test archeivement of GEJ is his success in finally pushing all curropt politicians into one political part call APC ( All Past Criminals).

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