Arrested Abuja Plaza Bombing Suspect Dies In Hospital; 50 Boko Haram Fighters Arrested In Borno Camp

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June 27, 2014 – 50 Boko Haram Members Killed In Borno;  Arrested Abuja Plaza Bombing Suspect Dies In Hospital

The Defence Headquarters said on Friday that more than 50 suspected terrorists died during a raid on a makeshift camp used by terrorists in Miyanti and Bulungu, Borno.

In a statement posted on its Website, the Defence Headquarters said 53 terrorists died in the encounter, while the troops lost two of their men, and five others received injuries.

The statement said that a fuel dump used for storing fuel, vehicles, including Toyota Hilux trucks, and seven motorcycles were destroyed in the raid.

It also said that 15 rifles, 11 machine guns and ammunitions were captured by the troops.

“In a separate encounter around Duguri, near the Nigeria–Niger border, troops of the Multinational Joint Task Force stormed a terrorists’ hideout in a raid.

“The troops recovered 18 rifles, five general purpose machine guns, 25 hand grenades and IED making materials.’’

The statement said a suspected gun runner was apprehended and was being interrogated in connection with the seizures.

It said that the suspect was arrested during a cordon and search operation by troops.

The statement said that 15 other suspects were being detained in Abuja after a raid that led to the recovery of seven rifles, pistols, swords and other weapons.

It said that military operations to track armed gangs would be sustained in various locations.

On Wednesday’s explosion in Abuja, the statement said more explosives were seized from two suspects believed to have coordinated the bombing of Emab Shopping Plaza in Wuse.

“Bystanders at the scene of the explosion alerted soldiers on patrol to the two suspects who were speeding off on a power bike.

“The soldiers pursued the fleeing suspects and shot at one who fell off the bike with his bag, while the rider escaped through the crowd.

“The bag recovered from the suspect was later confirmed to contain a package of IED and other accessories.

The statement said that the accessories included stop clock, mobile phones and other materials used for setting off explosives.

The statement said the suspect who was shot later died in a hospital while yelling: “people will die! people will die!!’’.

Twenty-one persons were confirmed dead following the explosion, while the wounded are receiving treatment in various hospitals.

[Reported By NAN]

6 thoughts on “Arrested Abuja Plaza Bombing Suspect Dies In Hospital; 50 Boko Haram Fighters Arrested In Borno Camp

  1. Reading write ups like this gives me extreme mixed feelings, are we to applaud that 50 suspects were killed or one of the suspects who was involved in the wuse bombing was shot dead? what is the aim of these raids, is it to annihilate all suspect before investigations are carried out? are the killings of suspects a bid to shut them up from disclosing who the sponsors are? what is the primary aim of these raids and police band for crying out loud, is it for practice target of getting to the bottom of this crisis by capturing and interrogating suspects to find out details of who their sponsors are? killing off mere messengers is only covering and shielding the major players. What are we doing for God’s sake. you do not destroy weeds by trimming the leaves, you uproot them… do your freaking jobs and get to the bottom of this by capturing or infiltrating this orchestrated misfits.

  2. Believing me with time Boko Haram will start committing suicide within themselves I had the vision. They will all die by killing themselves or God will be exposing their target they will all get caught one by one till they vanish.

  3. They are just Deceiving the masses, how do u expect this to stop when the leaders are making millions set aside to tackle insecurity problem in the country. Oh! Lord please save us from this cruel world, please come to our rescue in Jesus holy name.

  4. Suspect died? Damn it! Don’t feed us with that.. Instead , “he was murdered” .. Ah think we will understand that better.. N;B: no matter the amount of murder act committed 2 cover up those behind this terrorism, nothing is ever hidden under the sun.. Not even caves. Una cup don dey full gradually.. God bless Nigeria

  5. boko haram people are millions in numbers, so i just pray for God’s intervention bcos we have no power of our own.

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