Bimbo Akintola Reveals Why She Missed Moji Olaiya Burial, Calls Fans Who Blamed Her Foolish Idiots

June 10, 2017 – Bimbo Akintola Says She Didn’t Attend Moji Olaiya’s Burial Because Of Work, Calls Fans Who Blamed Her Foolish Idiots With No Home Training

One of the Nollywood superstars who shunned Moji Olaiya’s burial ceremony has been identified as Bimbo Akintola, a close friend of the late actress.

While defending herself on Instagram, the star actress said she was on a movie set on the day her late friend was buried.

Her fans later came hard on her, saying her reason for missing Moji Olaiya’s burial was totally unacceptable.

See what some of her fans said the moment she blamed work for her absence:

Another IG users @oloriteni said:

Bimbo who do not normally respond to fans inquiries didn’t take the comments likely.

See her explosive response below:

Guilt is indeed a silent killer. From Bimbo Akintola fiery response above, it’s very obvious she felt bad her fans told her the bitter truth.

How can you call Moji your close friend and not attend her burial…. Which kind ‘Odaju’ behaviour is that?? Haba!!! It would have been better if she had kept mute on the matter.

7 thoughts on “Bimbo Akintola Reveals Why She Missed Moji Olaiya Burial, Calls Fans Who Blamed Her Foolish Idiots

  1. Very disappointed in you bimbo. You should have shut the fuck up instead of disgracing yourself in this manner. I cover face for you Olosho

    • You should only call a fellow lady “olosho” if u are a virgin which I’m sure you are not…. Cause u sleep with ur bf or bf’s and he eventually gives u money so….. Think b4 u talk… Executive olosho

  2. She don’t smoke cigarette and alcohol that’s why she’s behaving like when she never married talkless of having child so how do u feel she we feel for Aunt moji. One day too turn we reach u what do u want people to talk about u sebi Aunt Moji olaiya die now everybody was saying good thing about her continue.

  3. I thought u are a public figure, but for this coming out from you instead of just accepting your mistake or keep quiet, you have loose the regards i have for u. Fool.what kind of work are u are engage in. your so call producer didnt hear about the death of your friend or colleague. what u sow u reap

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