Boko Haram: Panel Raised To Probe Governor, Northern Politicians


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Jan 14, 2012 –  Boko Haram: Panel Raised To Probe Governor, Northern Politicians

A serving governor in one of the northern states is under investigation over  alleged sponsorship of the Islamic sect,Boko Haram. Security agencies have already raised a panel to quiz him on the allegation.

 But he is not the only one under such scrutiny.Security operatives are on the trail of several other politicians from the North to come and say what they have in common with the sect.

Several of the suspects have reportedly fled to Niger Republic and Chad,according to sources in Abuja yesterday.

Following fears of jailbreak and invasion, security was beefed up yesterday around the 17 Boko Haram members  in detention in Abuja.They were arrested in Damaturu,Yobe State, and flown to the Federal Capital.

Investigation by our correspondent revealed that security reports have indicted the  governor for  having a ‘deep’ relationship with Boko Haram.

Although the governor has immunity, it was gathered that security agencies want to  “interact” with him and lay the facts bare before him.

The governor, according to sources,has been  evasive by hiding under one official engagement or the other.

A reliable source said: “A serving northern governor has been indicted by security reports as having intimate connection with Boko Haram. Security agencies  have been directed to  interact with him with the facts  at their disposal.

“The essence of the coming interaction is to  unmask those sponsoring the sect. The said governor is already aware and he has been moving here and there, including some trips to Niger Republic and Chad .

“As a result of the immunity he enjoys, he cannot be directly arrested. But all the details are being assembled and a security committee has been constituted to confront him with such details.

“Once the evidence is confirmed as incontrovertible, further steps can then be taken to ensure prosecution in line with treason and such charges.”

Responding to a question, the source added: “The government has decided to bring sanity to this whole issue of insecurity. Some security agencies which have been on the trail of those  concerned in recent times have reports indicting a number of persons, including government officials.”

As at press time however, it was also learnt that the inter-agency security committee might also interrogate some northern politicians, leaders and government officials over alleged romance with Boko Haram.

The source said: “A list of government officials and those to be quizzed from the North has been compiled by security agencies. There are intelligence reports that some of them are planning to flee abroad.

“But there is no hiding place for them. Security agencies have been placed on the alert in all airports and seaports,” a sources said.

The source added: “At the appropriate time, the government may also ask the security agencies to release the list to the public.

“Some of the suspects are said to be on the run to Niger Republic and Chad too.”

But following fears of jailbreak and invasion, security was beefed up yesterday around the 17 Boko Haram members flown from Damaturu to Abuja .

Apart from the beef up, some of the detained members have also been relocated to other detention facilities to “avoid security breach.”

Another source said: “By strengthening security where Boko Haram members are detained, we are only being cautious.”