Boko Haram’s Plan To Bomb Abuja With Petrol Tankers Exposed By SSS


boko haram abuja petrol tanker

June 19, 2014 – Boko Haram’s Plan To Attack Abuja With Seized Petrol Tankers Loaded With Explosives Exposed By SSS

Another tactics being devised by Boko Haram terrorists to cause serious tragedy in Abuja has been exposed.

In a recent intelligence report obtained by SSS operatives, the terrorists’ new strategy is to seize petrol tanker at gunpoint, fill it up with explosives and park it at designated spot in Abuja.

In a news briefing on Wednesday in Abuja, Mr Mike Omeri, National Information Centre Coordinator and DSS Deputy Director, Marilyn Ogar warned the public to watch out for petrol tanker driver driving dangerously.

 “The Nigerian Security services had received intelligence report to the effect that insurgents intend seizing petrol tankers and plant improvised devices in the tankers and drive them to crowded places in Abuja.

“Against this backdrop, we hereby call on the Petrol Tankers Association to be on the red alert and advise their members to report any attempt or seizure of their vehicles to security agencies.

“In this wise, Nigerians are also advised to report any broken down tanker in any part of the territory to security agencies. Similarly, we are using this opportunity to appeal to the public to be on the alert particularly when they see any tanker driving dangerously.” – Omeri said

What if this deadly sect carry out this planned attack on other states with security vulnerabilities??.

These Boko Haramists are heartless…. Lord please have mercy on your people o.