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Brother Of Nigerian Pizza Delivery Man Killed In US Writes Touching Tribute

nigerian pizza man killed in us

By Taofeek Amoo

Tribute to late Abdul Ganiyu Sanusi, Nigerian Pizza Delivery man killed in broad-daylight robbery in the United States last week.

I am very devastated by the death of my friend, confidant, Brother in Islam and a very good and pious Muslim. He was clearly my leader and an exemplary Muslim with a good heart and a strong knack for helping other people. He was never tired of assisting people and I never saw him getting angry at anyone no matter how you offend him.

My Brother has a very strong likeness for his family and his own definition of family is beyond that of an immediate family. He takes care of both immediate and extended family at the same time. It is quite unbelievable that my Brother and friend is not coming back again to meet us in Nigeria.

We have accepted the verdict of ALLAH because from HIM we all come and unto HIM we shall all return. However, we want justice on the death of my Brother and I have a strong believe that the American Government will not relent in dispensing justice in this case.

May ALLAH SWT accepts his return and grant him the comfort of the grave.

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