Chaos As Soldier Protecting Expatriates Shoots Civilians In Hotel On Aba Port Harcourt Expressway

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Feb 15, 2018 – Chaos As Soldier Escorting Expatriates Opens Fire Civilians In Hotel On Aba Port Harcourt Expressway

An Okada operator, Uzoma Ahunanya, is said to be battling for his life at an undisclosed hospital in Ukwa West Local Government Area of Abia State after he was reportedly shot by an angry soldier.

The incident which happened at Chrismary Hotel on the Aba-Port Harcourt Expressway on Tuesday, caused pandemonium.

A source said trouble started when some passers-by tried to rescue a Yoruba traditional medicine dealer from the soldier who escorted expatriates lodging in the hotel.

The soldier, after he was overpowered by the passers-by, went into the hotel, brought his gun and started shooting sporadically. Ahunaya and another man were injured in the process.

“I don’t know what the problem was, but we saw the soldier beating the woman and we went to intervene. The soldier was not having his gun at the moment, but he later brought out his gun which he started shooting and aiming at people,” the source said.

Chairman of the Okada Riders Association Ogechukwu Ogbonna confirmed the incident. He stressed that Ahunanya, who is a member of his union, is being treated at a private clinic at Obe Ukwa.

According to Ogbonna, the bullet pierced through Ahunanya’ thighs. Another man was also injured.

Sources at the 144 Battalion, who pleaded for anonymity, told our reporter that the soldier is not from their Battalion but on transit and escorting some expatriates.

They said Military Police from 14 Brigade, Ohafia and 144 Battalion have begun investigating the matter, adding that they have visited the hospitals where the victims are being treated.

The 14 Brigade would soon make official statement on the issue and would not want to predict the outcome of the ongoing investigation, the source added.

[Source: The Nation]

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  1. This is a useless country, you have many qualified and well trained Nigerian citizen that have no jobs and here you go with half baked “expatriate” securing jobs in Nigeria. Nigerians abroad are treated this way, very clueless leaders and stakeholders that do not believe in empowering their people, this is quite unfortunate. Look around what is happening to Nigerian in South Africa, Europe, America and many more places, these countries empower their citizen and no one ever get law enforcement to follow anyone around. Nigeria has “Local content” bull shit, where is the implementation???? You may as well sell the country to your expatriates. Until Nigerian starts making the country unsafe for the so called expatriates, quite unfortunate to do this but they need to learn the hard way because Nigerians are suffering and it has to be Nigerian first.

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