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How To Deal With A Depressed Partner Or Spouse Living In Denial (Coping Tips)

how to deal with a depression spouse partner

Depression is a disorder which disrupts the normal working of an individual’s mind and thinking. It is a mental disorder which changes the mindset of a person and this change in turn affects the everyday functions of the person.

Depression targets your thoughts, emotions and those basic activities carried out by the mind. It brings with it a lot of ill thoughts and emotions. The condition takes away a person happiness, self worth, self esteem, self love, the love of being in the company of people, zeal for the joys of living etc. Its victims project a lot of anger, self doubt and irrational behavior.

How To Deal With A Depressed Partner Or Spouse

Depression has been known to lead to alcoholism, drug abuse and addiction and in severe cases death mostly by suicide. This disorder affects men and women alike although, women are more open to seeking help and treatment than the male population.

Many victims often want to live in denial or possess the belief that this disorder can easily be handled personally so they shy away from any form of professional help. In so doing, this condition tends to worsen. When this disorder is discovered, going to a doctor for professional diagnostics and treatment is an important step to take.

How To Deal With A Depressed Boyfriend

It may come as a surprise when a formerly bubbly and caring boyfriend suddenly becomes an overly emotional, sad and angry person who radiates negative vibes all consistent with depression. Depression does not have a particular cause it could arise for explainable and unexplainable reasons.

It may take a while to pin-point depression as the problem because men are less likely going to whine about what goes through their minds. Men have been known to live in denial of depression should it occur.

Due to the nature of the male folk and ego, a man might feel admitting his condition and getting help could be a sign of some form of weakness and society expects strength from him at all times.

Therefore in most cases the most challenging thing would be getting your boyfriend to admit that he is depressed and needs help. But this has to be done so his condition does not deteriorate. You could help book an appointment with a counselor and encourage him to attend offer to go along with him as well. You could try telling him that seeking medical help is not a sign of weakness. Create an atmosphere of love and understanding; provide as much support as is necessary to help him fight this condition.

How To Deal With A Depressed Husband

Marriage is meant to be a lifetime partnership. Therefore having a depressed husband is sure to get to any loving wife. Seeing your husband’s personality change almost over-night can be a difficult pill to swallow.

Being as supportive as possible of your husband should be your focus. It is tempting to snap and complain and issue derogatory remarks in a moment of anger or frustration. But this is not advisable in situations such as this as you could worsen the state of things. His current state is of no fault of his.

Depression could last a long time and some people pull through faster than others. It is never certain how long this condition will last so getting help by any means necessary should be a major priority.

Women are supposedly more easily susceptible to depression and seeing your husband continuously in this condition can trigger a depression for you as well. When your personal effort and encouragement seem to be getting nowhere, convincing your spouse to seek help is the only way out.

Many may not wish to get help but as a wife you have every right to get him the help he requires by any legal means necessary. This move should be taken so as to avoid this state dangerously affecting your life and the life of your family in general.

This disorder can easily be cured and many people who have been victims of such have be known to fully recover from it

How To Deal With A Depressed And Angry Husband

In several men depression tends to seriously include angry and irrational displays of temper. In dealing with a husband who is depressed and very angry it is best to always keep your cool. Do not be quick to lose your temper as well.

His condition is definitely bound to affect your lifestyle and moods. Most especially if prior to the depression he was a whole different person. It could get depressing when you see the negative changes which have occurred as a result. But take care of yourself and your mind so as not to suffer from depression yourself.

The longer this condition stays unaddressed, the more it degenerates and the more damage it could do. Angry and depressed people have been known to sometimes get abusive in the fit of anger. They may regret such behavior afterwards and blame themselves making them sink further into depression.

Secure help for your partner as quickly as possible to avoid possible collapse of such a union as depression has been known to put a strain in many marriages and put an end to others. Arrange to see a doctor get his loved ones and family to talk him into it if he does not listen to you. Offer to be a part of his every step to recovery and reassure him of your love and support always.

How To Deal With A Depressed Alcoholic Husband

In trying to solve the problem of depression men have been known to heavily turn to the consumption of alcohol. Not knowing or maybe just ignoring the fact that alcohol worsens an already bad situation. Depression affects the mind and leaves you quite confused as to who you really are now adding the abuse of alcohol to the mix is a harmful combination.

Having a husband suffering from depression and alcohol abuse is a situation which should be delicately handled else it could easily get out of hand. This condition could lead him to become verbally and physically abusive if not solved immediately.

Get him medical help immediately, talk him into going to see a doctor refuse to take no for an answer. Do not get insulting or confrontational it could put you in danger of being abused. You should definitely still be loving and supportive but also be careful and protect yourself as much as possible.

How To Deal With A Depressed Ex-Husband

The appeal to ignore an ex-husband experiencing depression may be quite strong probably due the circumstances under which the marriage separation was carried out. However you need to remember that people who are depressed deserve help.

Men stand a higher risk of suicide when going through depression. If you cannot be of help to him then at the very least get in touch with someone who can, a close family member or friend.

If you can be of help then, the approach is basically the same as with other cases of depression. The best you can do is to provide help in terms of consulting with a doctor or counselor to get treatment and the help of your personal company while he goes through this condition. Knowing another human being cares enough to want to see him get better can be a great source of encouragement.

You should however not have or give false hope with regards to your stand in the relationship. Both parties should have an understanding on the definition of the kind of help being offered. That while you care about him and want to see him get better, other ideas of a reunion should not be nursed. The issue of depression should however be the most important thing to be solved.

How To Deal With A Depressed Wife

Most women are a hand full to deal with normally but dealing with a depressed wife can be quite the challenge. Yelling, complaining and being unsupportive may only leave your with a blubbering woman and no man really wants that.

The strength to get up and achieve any task is usually difficult for most depressed women they may find solace in sleep, alcoholism and drug abuse if the situation is ignored. Wives are naturally home makers so having a depressed wife certainly affects the family as a whole.

Consult a doctor and get her into treatment. Also educate yourself as much as possible concerning the depression of your wife so you know how best to be of help to her. There are treatments and remedies that you can offer to do along with her to show your dedication and support.

How To Deal With A Depressed Girlfriend

Being in a relationship with a depressed girlfriend entails a lot of love and compassion. Sometimes the thought of giving up and abandoning her may regularly come to mind. Doing this could make things much worse.

The condition can be addressed with adequate treatment so get your partner medical help. The best treatment for her can only be determined by a certified practitioner. Your help alone may not solve the problem this is not to say you should not get as much information as possible about your partner’s specific condition and help her walk through it.

But in all this, also guard yourself and your mind as well because it is very easy for your partner’s state of mind to be rubbed off on you.

Never ignore signs of a depression you just might save your life or that of a friend.



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