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Cossy Orjiakor Violent Neighbour Martins Maruche Tagged Ritualist For Domestic Violence Attack

martins maruche ritualist

Less than 24 hours after Cossy Orjiakor shared photos of injuries she sustained while attempting to rescue a domestic violence victim, Nigerians have taken to the social media to challenge her attacker.

The man in the viral report that broke early this morning, Martins Maruche has been declared wanted by police.

Here is what Nigerians wrote on his social media page.

cossy orjiakor violent neighbour

Queen Tee Minaj Wife beater, Instagram iyaf carry u o
Oluwa Kemisolar :   Mr Martins He-goat u need to b jailed for beating up ur wife n kid Ugly mucheche go n see ur life outside on instagram old fool
Utazi Amaka Suzan: So this is the wife beater of a man
Somtochukwu Oguji :  Murder ducking wife beater!!! Beast of human kind, you are lucky you didn’t meet my kind, I will kill casterate you one by one!! Piece by piece and feed you little by little to soldier ants, you will do die a slow and painful death!!! Idiot funny enough we are from the same town and even village!!!! Uchu!!!
Nonye Adaeze : Victor Idiot stop beating your wife, I wonder what this fine woman saw in you sef, woman beater, you are just a hegoat, go and fight with your fellow man, stop beating your wife, anuofia
Gracey Peters Woman beater!! A thief n an abuser! You are just a coward with no balls that’s why you beat women! May you never know peace ugly uneducated buffoon
Duke Prince Stupid wife beater police is looking for you. They have your number +2348034017578
BG Arisèkola Ezego na Napoli..That big boobs woman ya neighbor don cast you  Bikonu onowu,don’t kill ya wife.
Barbie Jessy Useless Woman Beater.. Ur Mate Are Fighting Wrestling With John Cena, Triple-H Randy Oton and the rest of them But u Here Beating Ur Wife…I Don’t Blame u But Ur Wife Instead Of Her To Turn u Into Vegetable She Is There Crying….You Lucky It Not Someone Like Me Bros I Will Use u For Ritual n Disturb d Money i Make From Ur Useless-sef To d Mad People….Ogun Kill u There
Elekunle Latifa Ifemelu Thelma Useless wife beater…if your fist is scratching you, go face mike Tyson or Floyd mayweather..
Ada Ubani Wife beater. Karma will get you. You will suffer it. God will disgrace you
Daniella Nkonye Adagbon Wife beater himself.. Animal in human skin
Daniella Nkonye Adagbon U no see your mates are making billions from fighting… U here beating your harmless wife for free… May your death be painful,slow and untimely
Daniella Nkonye Adagbon : Ritualist

Ifunanya Emmanuel Stupid man, shameless man go and fight with your fellow men. Asshole idiot
Myzz Pepper God will judge you. Wife beater. Bush man
Myzz Pepper I hope God takes away that change you call wealth. Don’t u know that you are nothing without God? Who gave you the right to treat your wife like rags? Wicked man. Ugly face. Coward. Smelly thing
Omiojie AgTee Tonia Una no dey tire all these shuldruens from from Instablog9ja
Cassandra Peters Anambra men are too arrogant and abusive, so am not surprised.
Sheila-nazi Peter Oga we came to greet u oh…useless man…ur wife would have crippled u spiritually…or turn u into a vegetable….
Stella Igwe Okeoma Una don reach here?? Chaii
Andre Penina Wicked man…. God will definitely save her from ur claws…. Evil in human form
Tri Angle checking on your wife making sure that you have not killed her yet. STOP BEATING YOUR WIFE. SHE IS A HUMAN BEING LIKE YOU. she is a human being like your mother, LIKE YOUR SISTER, ONE DAY YOU WILL KILL HER. IF SHE DIES, ALL HER PEOPLE WILL HEAR IS SOR…
Irene Vincent Useless man. Ritualist

Mhiz Balikis Olamide Mustapha She is too pretty to be maltreated plssss
Nonye Adaeze Victor Na this fine woman u dey beat? Smh may God have mercy on u
Omotola Adufe Are  you possessed by legions of demons? How can you be beating this beautiful woman? Local champion. Go and face a man like you… Coward!
Barbie Jessy Chai See d Fine Woman n Pretty Daughter Way This Idiot Martin’s Dey Beat…Truly Martins Maruche You Are a Devil….
Ada Ubani After bearing her blue black, you then post her picture. Hypocrite. God will humiliate you. You will suffer in death. You will know no peace
Chidi Ebuka You are an abusive and sick man, and you should do better. Taking out your insecurities on this woman, who from the looks of it is way too beautiful for you. You don’t deserve her. Stop beating your wife, it’s what cowardly and weak men do. You are an absolutely disgusting man and you should be ashamed
Princess Onyinye Anene Stop hitting your beautiful wife, oga.
Ifunanya Emmanuel Go and face your fellow man idiot. Local thing
Sonita Dion Ogbewi Posting wife and child’s picture on social media, people will think you are a human being, a good family man. They won’t know you are an animal. A wild beast. Unlimited Disgrace fall on you there! Shame. Go and fight your fellow man.
Maribel Abii Please Mr Martin stop beating your wife and daughter.
Myzz Pepper Wicked man. You post their pictures but you don’t love them so what’s the point. You better change. Wicked soul. Bush classless thing
Imuegbe Igbinevbo Idahor Useless wife beater, may thunder strike you there. Go ans meet ur mate.
Annie Mercedes See the beautiful woman you are beating up.i bet you locked her out of social media.i wonder what you have on her.because for ugly you ll win an oscar for that,is it financial coverage?does it make you feel more of a man when transfer your frustrations on her?people like you deserve to be burnt alive or tied up and severely beaten up without food and left for death.
Abiola Adeleye I hear say you dey beat them anyhow but why?
Adaeze Maureen Idiot of a man, coward, beast…tufia! Stop beating your wife, ewu Gambia, anu mpama! Anuofia di ka gi mkpi
Sheila-nazi Peter Madam if like no leave dat useless man…dey there make designer bags kill u
Andre Penina God will punish this man for mistreating his wife…. Ewu

Sed Emily Patrick We shouldn’t judge what we dont kn pls ladies.. I dnt kn them but is this baby the only child they have?. And I hope the beating isn’t bc of her not having another child? And u madam if u only have a baby girl there why won’t u leave? U can take care of ur child hence they are not many. I dnt kn tho
Juliet Amarachi This beast of a man, you are too ugly for this your pretty wife. Is that the reason why you are beating her anyhow and decided to live a pretentious life on Facebook. Shame on you
Amara Onye And you dare raise your cursed hand on this beautiful woman. Onuku
Amara Onye Ogochukwu Ezeugwu – Malachy coman see sontin

Ada Ubani So they know that you beat your wife, no shame. Idiot.
Ifunanya Emmanuel Stupid man with no shame. Go and face your fellow men. Devil
Myzz Pepper Stop disgracing good men. Change from your idiotic ways. Stop beating your wife. And if your friends are just like you, SHAME ON ALL OF YOU.
Austin Chikwado So na u dey beat ur wife. Chai! I pity d poor woman. U really messed up
Andre Penina Pray for forgiveness cos the tears of ur wife will bring u damnation.
Aijay Chinyere Okoro Big fool! God will cripple you!
Duke Prince Foolish wife beater and child abuser, disgusting waste of a man
Myzz Pepper Wife beater. Bush man. Classless man. Go and change. Rubbish
Andre Penina Imagine the stupid ugly nincompoop molesting such a pretty woman
Aijay Chinyere Okoro Idiot woman! Beater !
Juliet Amarachi Beast

Duke Prince Come on social media to pretend you love them when you abuse them. Disgusting hypocrite
Myzz Pepper Madam, leave this beast you call husband. Get out of this sham called marriage. He doesn’t value u. Wicked man
Myzz Pepper Onye iru abuo. Nonsense.
Abiola Adeleye Wife beater u no get single sense
Aijay Chinyere Okoro Bastard! And you beat her !
Juliet Amarachi You are a beast. To hell with this pretense. God will judge you

Duke Prince The same daughter you always beat up mercilessly because she tried stopping you from beating her Mum
Austin Chikwado : And u want to kill her mother with beatings. What are u tell the child? Agulu for that matter! Chai! U messed up
Ifunanya Emmanuel:What are you teaching this little beauty girl? What environment are you teAching her to live in. You are a shame this pretty does not deserve a father like you. Shameless fool
Andre Penina  Your one n only daughter will grow up to hate u…. Mark this words

Here is one of the comments that caught our fancy:

Amina Adesuwa Abu Agreed,the man beats his wife.What about the woman that has refused to leave him?what do you call her?From the pictures,I can see she likes slaying,maybe that why is still there because she likes spending the money and can’t leave.So she rather spend money and Slay than leave the woman beater.

One can only wonder what the woman is doing in such toxic relationship that could end her life any moment from now.



  1. Jade

    June 21, 2018 at 11:33 PM

    The Slay queen will soon meet her dead end if she refuses to vacate his home.
    Mere looking at tis guy, I think he is a secret cult member

  2. Efe

    June 22, 2018 at 12:08 AM

    Let Gloria continue slaying until he beat her to death.
    She was my friend before they marry and afterwards nobody could get near her again.

    Gloria was dating a recharge card sell when dis cultists marry her. She deserves everything she is getting

  3. Keep it real

    June 22, 2018 at 2:21 AM

    the man finger sign on the above picture though
    still trying to figure it out…

    He could be possessed by some woman beater demon…
    may God help this family in jesus Name.

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