Daniel Ademinokan Trashes Ladies Who Wear Half Naked Outfits To Seduce Men


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Oct 7, 2017 – Daniel Ademinokan Trashes Ladies Who Wears Half Naked Outfits To Seduce Men

Doris Simeon ex-husband Daniel Ademinokan recently came hard on ladies whose intention is to seduce men with their dressing.

The talented filmmaker, who divorced his actress wife, Doris Simeon to marry her friend, Stella Damasus, revealed that men of these days want women who dress decently.

His words:

“My dear women, showing us what you have underneath your blouse does not increase your value, it increases the number of men who will run after you and want to have a feel of it. It doesn’t guarantee that they’d stick around any longer after they get that feel.”

“Hey! I’m being real. We all have different tastes in style and fashion, so I would totally respect your style.

But if your style devalues you, shouldn’t you re-evaluate that style? If you don’t place that value on yourself, nobody else will.

It’s not pride. It’s not arrogance. It’s simply letting everyone know you’re valuable. You can be sexy and classy without being trashy. Stay beautiful and attractive.

Your package may bring him closer, but your mind will keep him longer.”