Davido Faces Jail For Flaunting Real Dollar Bills?

davido jail dollar bills

July 15, 2013 – Davido Faces Jail For Flaunting Real Dollar Bills?

When I came across this funny headline on a site…. I couldn’t but laugh out loud..

So Omo baba olowo is going to jail for showing the whole world his father is rich? Hmmm

Fans join him in your prayers. Davido must not go to jail oo.. mba

If nah for America now, dey go put him on trial for washing money in the public (a criminal case called money laundry)

But for Naija, no way.

If EFCC arrest am, he go just dash one of the oga at the top some dollar cash and the case go die down like that.

Naija…the land of the free. I hail thee.

8 thoughts on “Davido Faces Jail For Flaunting Real Dollar Bills?

  1. I hope this boy’s father is not pushing him to an early grave. Ti aye nba ye ni ka ma so ara. Igba o lo bi orere. Am not poor to the glory of God but de way this boy flaunts money is not irritating., in a country where people re suffering. You re not de 1st to be rich of u will not be last. Why not use de money t put joy into a suffering life. That money s useless if it does not glorify God. Pls go and sleep.

  2. Seriously I no fit laugh. I had to go to the restroom to finish my laughter bcos i no wan my oga at the top to fire me.
    u guys are funny

  3. Another offence, if army officer catch am with that pant, they go beat am tire… this reminds me of a case I recently witnessed in Abuja..

  4. David useless boy omo baba olowo. He spent money anyhow ojb need help common.ten thousand he can give and he can buy 2 million wear I dislike u lyk kilde


  6. I was shocked when I saw his Picture with the money,the Only things I know in this life is that if take life easy,life will be easy fOr you.if yoU take it hard it. will hard for the persOn .we need to be careful what ever what we are doing and thinking Like person will die Tomorrow.

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