Doctor Jimade Ola Solomon Not A Robber & Has Never Been Arrested For Any Crime – Friend

dr jimade ola solomon arrest

Feb 27, 2018 – I Smell A Rat In Dr Jimade Ola Solomon’s Story

Abuja Doctor Jimade Ola Solomon Not A Robbery Gang Leader & Has Never Been Arrested For Any Crime Since Childhood

By Deji Adebayo

I was motivated by the article titled “The Dr Jimade Ola Solomon I know is not a criminal”. I read it over and over again on Naijagist blog. I was happy to see someone was bold enough to write and stand up for his persona. I can categorically say I am in support of the writer’s opinion 100%. Something is wrong somewhere, something isn’t adding up.

I know Dr. Jimade Ola Solomon very well, we are good friends and I have known him for more than 25 years. He is from a wealthy background, he attended Bols nursery and primary school, Igbinedion education centre, Ronik Comprehensive School, and then the University of Ilorin; and performed academically well in all of these societies.

I am sure none of these institutions have reported any case to show tendencies of criminal/nefarious actions/tricks when he was in attendance. Psychologists ascertain that criminal tendencies must show in an individual’s life during these stages.

So, where did Dr Jimade Ola Solomon learn how to shoot?

When did he learn how to live and hide in the bushes rather than the comfort of his home?

The most baffling of all is when he learned to mix with the hooligans put on the newspapers to discuss business rather than the elite/polite people with which he is known to mix with all his life.

Dr Jimade Ola Solomon has never been arrested or assumed to be a criminal from childhood. His wife works in a well-established firm; he is financially balanced, manages his own business, and travels around the world like any other Nigerian during vacations.

Why would he risk his life on the highway or in the bushes to snatch cars?

Why would he risk his beautiful home for cars worth less than a million naira?

I was with the Doctor a while back in his hospital during a visit to Abuja and I was privy to find out that he had in his possession millions of naira given to him by an uncle, one of the big contractors in Abuja for safe keeping. I’m referring to over a 100 million naira to be precise.

He had, why didn’t he divert funds and run away? After all, his assets (business and property) are worth far less and he can easily do away with them.

How many cars would he snatch to get a 100 million or more?

How many used cars can bring about 100 million naira or more?

He must have been stealing from secondary school or birth, coordinated all the car theft at the University of Ilorin hostels and Abuja would have lost all their cars to him, about 2500 cars in all I guess.

Why didn’t the police arrest any registered staff of the hospital in connection with the crime?

How come guns and a mask were found in his office and not his home?

If he coordinated the robberies why should he be the one to keep the tools considering how smart he is?

If he coordinated the robberies, did he have to be in Nigeria to make sure it happens?

How come only the so-called James robs with the Doctor?

How did he share the loots? Was it physically or through bank transfers?

MTN please show the public a call log of his messages and call since from the inception of his main line (07036104648) and let the public see or know if he communicated with these hoodlums in the newspapers.

Banks with his BVN please show the public transactions with these acclaimed accomplices? Where are the bank statement proofs?

If a normal citizen can ask these questions, isn’t more tasking for the Nigerian police to have exceeded these and established their claims? But they won’t, why? The system is maligned with a lot of lies:

Bail is free,

Police is your friend, scoffs…

It is on record not farfetched, that the police at one time murdered an innocent citizen (a bank manager to be precise) and placed robbery allegation on him only for the truth to surface later though it was too late.

The biggest question is: what has this young promising doctor done to the police to deserve this slander and assassination of character?

This is Nigeria. Never Judge a person by the opinion of others. I say, never Judge a person by the opinion of the Nigerian system.

I place this case before the Almighty God and reasonable thinking Nigerians. No matter how deep truth is buried, it still remains truth.

I puncture allegations by the police that Dr Jimade Ola Solomon is a criminal. He is a law abiding and medically established citizen of Nigeria, not a criminal as presented by the Nigerian police.

26 thoughts on “Doctor Jimade Ola Solomon Not A Robber & Has Never Been Arrested For Any Crime – Friend

  1. Thank you….some Pple are still thinking. It is unfortunate how easily Nigerians are quick to condemn, tear down and be downright wicked to another person. My brother is not and will never ever be an armed robber!

  2. Your write up is well noted and portray you as his true friend,however,it will be very interesting if any of you who knows him to shade more light as i am very sure he (DR.) must have an idea where things went wrong, since this news broke out,and he is not in police custody,he must have discovered who initiated the setup as allegedly claimed,so letting the public know who might have set him up will help clear the matter,at least from public opinion.

    And i still have to repeat it here,someone you don’t know will never fuck you up,so if this is a set up,his own people must be involve.

  3. For quite sometimes now, I have being interested in this particular issue. I kept wondering how this could be true, but it was a thought I can really explain. Someone is messing this Dr up big time, may God see him through.

  4. Dr Jim I know my friend my class mate is not a thief and can never be when we were broke in school he comes to our aid bcos he is not from a poor background elder sister is a doctor younger sister school in England family is financially boyant so what could be his motive to Rob? I just hope he has not been killed and to bury the truth he had to be setup. Big Jim we the 02 set believe in you stay strong you will be vindicated .

    • True!!!!!! helped when guys are broke in school, he is from an affluent home elder sister did her medical studies in the UK, so what is the motive to risk his life on the highway. not adding up at all.

  5. This is a mere set up and nothing more . Africans are so envious of the progress of others . Do leave the poor and innocent guy alone Jooh. He suffered so much for his medical studies in order to save lives so pls leave the man . He is innocent

    • If it was written by the doctor then I believe he is very very innocent, let the police answer these questions and show us proofs to establish their claims

  6. Guyz this guy tried to scam me about a year ago. I believe he is involved somehow. Pls lets be careful who we defend. I kno its hard to believe buh i tell you this guy isnt totally innocent . I pray God will see him thru this buh i hve reasons to believe he mite not b innocent

  7. Most Nigerians only reason and ask questions when one of theirs is on the hot seat or when they ‘feel’ that one of theirs is innocent.
    One wonders where all the accusing fingers are and where the shitty judgemental attitudes have suddenly flown to?

  8. I was part of the beneficiaries of his benevolent nature back in the University, I never witnessed a trace of such nafarious actions from him. part of this article that makes a lot of sense isn’t it tasking for the Nigerian police to have exceeded these question before establishing their so called claims?
    everything would come to light someday!
    May God save us all from the venom of cobras and the teeth of tigers in this country. Amen

  9. Never, Never trust anybody. It doesn’t take that much time for people to change. Let us be realistic about philosophy of life. This guy might come from rich background but that does negate he cannot be culpable if committing a crime. The people that you think will never involve in a crime are the ones you will find there. Queens Elizabeth mother was a Kleptomaniac she steals little stuffs and converts it to her own use. Now, tell me are you saying she never got all she needed? Go and. search for her history. There was a time a president from one of European Countries stole a pen while attending a conference and he was caught on Camera. Why can’t you guys wait for the completion of police investigation. I believe this guy is hiding something that is why he is hiding.

  10. Is stealing a pen or being a klepto same as armed robbery guy. You just mixed your comparison 100%. Mr jilo. When you wanna compare compare with like terms guy. Not the same thing. Thing guy

    • An Armed robber starts from klept until he graduates to become a full fledge Armed robber. Emmanuel, were you born at the time when Oyenusi the first notorious armed robber in Nigeria narrated his ordeal before he was finally executed? . He said he began from stealing pen from his mates and graduated into a chronic Armed robber.

      That is besides the point, if you as a person are wrongly accused of felony offense like an armed robbery, won’t you come out publicly to defend yourself. Nigeria is a lawless Country as of today agreed, but not by taking advantage of being lawlessness to conclude that Police may kill him if he comes out of hiding to defend himself. For what? That is most ridiculous excuse that I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Somebody like this guy will be given chance to say what he knows about the crime. Keeping mum to me is tantamount of admit guilt.

  11. @jilo who told you the police would come tell the public is he innocent if found in cent. Wake up that’s the last thing the Nigerian police would ever do. You leave in Nigeria or abroad?

  12. there is so much I will like to say but yet nothing will make a difference. In short I know this Dr very well and I simply don’t believe all what is being said in the news. There is definitely another side to this story because everything does not add up.

  13. After all said and done, where is this young man? How long is it going to take the police to do investigation that they should have done before both police and media blew the story. I hope he’s still alive.
    How do you restore his reputation and the effect on his family if this story is not true? Please remember how many lives could be destroyed by this singular action. Please let’s be easy on him for the sake of God until he’s proven guilty. I pray that God will strengthen his parents and wife as they go though this trying period in Jesus name. Amen

  14. It is best Dr Jimade comes out and explain himself, if he is truly innocent.Why run away?Why not stand and prove himself innocent with facts .

  15. Let him come out and prove his innocence with evidence,instead of allowing his name be dragged in the mud.

  16. He should come out and defend the accusations and be a free man, I wonder why he deleted himself from Facebook

  17. No One is guilty until PROVEN GUILTY. I pray he will not suffer for what he didn’t do. I remember one night crawler who was labelled armed robber in Lagos many years ago. The man was killed and was proven not guilty a year after. We need to be careful. Even in America the legal system fails. How much more in Nigeria where we have an inept police force.

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