Doyin Okupe: GEJ Ordered Dasuki To Give Me N10Million To Buy Furniture & N30Million As Bonus

doyin okupe jonathan 10million furniture

July 18, 2016 – Doyin Okupe: How I Spent N50Million I Received From Dasuki, How Ex-President Jonathan Approved The Fund

Doyin Okupe:  GEJ Ordered Dasuki To Give Me N10Million To Buy Furniture & N30Million As Personal Bonus

Official press statement by Doyin Okupe, GEJ special adviser

In my interactions with the EFCC, I have been asked to explain only three issues so far:
1.Why I received N50m from the office of the National Security Adviser at the onset of my appointment, and what I used the money for.
2.Why I was paid N10m monthly by the Office of the National Security Adviser.
3.Why I received another sum of N50m from the NSA in October 2014.
These are the ONLY subject of interrogation with the commission so far. My explanations were as follows:

1.The initial N50m was approved by the President to be paid to me from His Security vote. N10m was to furnish my rented living apartment and another N10m for my office.
The balance N30m was approved as take off grant for my office.

2.The N10m I received from the Office of the National Security Adviser monthly was to run my office, pay salaries of staff, including overheads, pay expenses for our numerous press conferences, pay for publications in newspapers, magazines, local and foreign, television programs, bulletins, and media consultants who assist and facilitate our work. I had about 23 staff, 11 were graduates out of which 5 were Masters Degrees holders. Details were submitted to EFCC

3.The second N50m was approved again by Mr President when I reported to him that the monthly allowance has been cut from N10m to N5m and that I was no longer in a position to keep running a 1hr NTA network program called INSIGHT which was aired 9-10am every Friday and some other days of the week. We paid NTA about N1.2m monthly for airtime. Two presenters were paid N600,000 monthly. We paid for tapes and editing per program. Besides we also pay honorarium for guests either directly or inform of hotel bills for those outside Abuja, or transportation. This cost averagely N500,000 weekly or about N 2m monthly. All in all we spent about N4m monthly on the program. Mr President promised to help with the expenses. About a few months later when we had incurred some debts, the NSA sent me a sum of N50m which was to cover the cost of the program for 12 months (12×N4m=N48m)

I confided in the officers of the commission about my health situation for them to understand why where and how I sleep was important to my overall well being.

I was born with sinus bradycadia, a non disease based slowness of the heart. It precluded me from vigorous exercise from childhood but I have by God’s Grace been able to live a normal and active life. With age the slowness grew worse and life threatening. I sought medical help and went through a procedure at the Arrhythmia Cardiac Research Center in Atlanta, where this defect was corrected. It’s just a year ago and I am still under satellite monitor from the USA. This is what I revealed to the EFCC and they made it a public issue.

It is a pity that the situation in the country is so bad that everybody believes that there are no men with honour in politics or government. It is not true. I have submitted all my personal and company accounts to the EFCC. I have nothing to hide.


N10million to furnish a rented apartment and N30million for grant of office…. chai!!! these politicians wicked oooo… Where is former President Jonathan in all of these????

11 thoughts on “Doyin Okupe: GEJ Ordered Dasuki To Give Me N10Million To Buy Furniture & N30Million As Bonus

  1. umh, all these people got paid like this while government owe several months of salaries of average Nigerian citizens and can’t eat 3-meal/day or pay school fees or rents. God dey Ooooo!

  2. No wonder why this klept ran his mouth like a windshield wiper when it comes to defending Jonathan. I’m really glad it came out of your mouth that nothing works in this Country due to selfish idea of people like you. You guys are the ones empowering Boko Haram at the expense of innocent Nigerian soldiers. After sharing an Arms procurement money, what kind of change do you expect? You even added salt upon injury by saying you were born special or you have limited time to spend outside. Who cares if anybody is watching you breathing from Moscow. You and others like you will never know peace because you are one of the causes of Economy turmoil in this Country. You have turned the life of millions youth to worthless life due to your greediness and I’ll advise to your boss. Anuofia, Onyeoshi, Onyiara, Oloshi.

  3. Is this man insane or somethg, d explanation is too ridiculous, all d money u are collectg are they from d presidents purse or public funds.
    They are all sharing money anyhow while people are dying of hunger everyday.

    May God make u all suffer for every injustice done to dis country and its people.

  4. You have nothing to hide but a lot to vomit, thief. I find this so nauseating I could not read it all. Pathetic! These bastards have eaten Nigeria to the bone. We need a Jerry Rawlins of Nigeria to tie them all up and execute these bastards. Yet children are dying of hunger and lack of adequate medication to treat them or money to afford such. It shall never be well with these people. They can’t even build state of the art hospitals to treat themselves in Nigeria. By the way, how much is monitoring your condition by satellite from America costing you? Oloriburuku, bad fortune head. These people are so shameless. Even the President of South Africa will not travel abroad for medical treatment, cos their country has good facilities. Why did God make me a Nigerian?

  5. Thieffff!!! Once they get caught , they develop all kinds of unimaginable diseases. When he was stealing and eating all the monies his heart wasn’t functioning slowly, now that he is at d verge of been sent to jail his hearthis heart is on slow mode? I hear you. 10m to furnish an apartment, 23 staff members ,10m monthly allowance Mr okupe? Hiaaaannn! Wat wat were you thinking? If u like make your heart de slow mode u must go jail. Do uknow how many innocent Nigerians suffered for all those monies you and your gang stole? God will continue to expose all of u .

  6. Where is GEJ alive or dead definitely yu will die in tatters from one generation to another yu put the whole country in darkness and you believe yu can go unpunished only if actually you are not born from your born from your mama womb by your mama and others that led Nigeria in to the darkness and others during your regime in Nigeria

  7. Doyin Okupe, you that said Nigeria can not afford and not ripe to buy NEW TRAIN to improve our transportation system in the country can collect such very huge amount for yourself. We have bad roads, very poor shelter, no job, masses cannot afford three meals per day. Doyin okupe can collect that amount that can improve the life of millions Nigerians as your own personnal upkeeping monthly. Remember that HELL is real.The blood of Nigerians shall suchly ask for vengers Genesis Chapter 4 vs 10.

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