Eiye And Aye, Black Axe Cult Group In Bloody Clash: 5 Cultists Killed In Ikorodu Lagos


eiye aye cult clash ikorodu lagos

January 14, 2016 – Eiye And Aye, Black Axe Cult Groups In Bloody Clash: 5 Cultists Killed In Ikorodu Lagos

5 people died and five others injured in a cult clash in Ikorodu, Lagos on Tuesday.

The fight between the Aye and Eiye confraternities was said to have started around 1am during Itunmeko street carnival.

Four of the injured have been transferred to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), the other is still at Ikorodu General Hospital.

According to sources, the trouble started after the Eiye cult group killed two Aye (Black Axe) members who were invited to the carnival.

They two were said to have been killed on their way home.

The Aye cult group was said to have taken the fight to Eiye group, in anger, at the wee hours of yesterday, killing three of its members.

We gathered that the cultists used axes, cutlasses and guns.

“They have been killing themselves. The fight started at a street carnival at Itunmeko around midnight on Tuesday. I was at the carnival but I left there around 10pm before the incident.

“I heard that two people were killed that day and the other group fought back and killed three from the other side. It was between the Aye and Eiye groups.

“They have been targeting themselves. I do not really know what happened; only those within can tell you what actually happened.

“I heard they killed two Black Axe guys and the following day, the Black Axe people killed three Eiye guys,” said a source.

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