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Fayose Planning To Flee With Niger Republic Passport Before Tenure Expiration…He’s A Mass Murderer – Ojudu

fayose flee niger republic

Fayose Has Acquired Niger Republic Passport To Flee Before His Tenure Expires – Babafemi Ojudu Alleges

Ekiti State governor Fayose has been accused of mass murder by APC governorship candidate Femi Ojudu.

In a campaign video now trending online, Ojudu alleged that the “Ekiti State Man of The People” is a mass murderer who has acquired a Niger Republic passport as he plans to flee Nigeria to Niger Republic before his tenure expires.

Watch the trending video below.

These are very serious allegations.



  1. In

    March 12, 2018 at 4:20 PM

    Is this how you are going to win the the election to become a governor?
    I thought you should have used the opportunity to sell your vision and programs for Ekiti state if you become the governor.
    Just to insult Fayose, you are panting like someone climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro,
    You better check your BP and respiratory organs before you collapse of cardiac arrest!!

  2. iron bar

    March 13, 2018 at 1:41 AM

    You have failed woefully even before campaigning.wrong stunt,wrong party and poor take off.u have nothing to offer.meanwhile if he flees for safety then so be it an dif he has a case to answer then let them start from sylva,amechi and all who decamped to apc to evade prosecution take turns not shielding fayose but he remains a vocal voice ,exposing apc hypocripsy and lies.You dont silence opposition in any govt.goodluck was hammered up and down but never harrassed nobody.where is nnamdi kanu,kidnapped or them not

  3. Kapol Skipol

    March 13, 2018 at 2:36 AM

    Hahahahahah,see this femi ojudu lol.let me remind you of two things right away Femi,did you remembered oluso Akadri of a blessed memory in moferere celestial parish?this man is your spiritual mentor,when this man was terribly sick,you are in house of senate then,he called you to solicited for your financial support to foot his hospital bill,you refused,till now when the man passed away you never make any move to visit his family talk-less of supporting his children.Are you a good leader Femi Ojudu?
    Secondly,a man decamped from PDP to Apc,this man belongs to your circle,but presently the man is sick and he cant walk,just few amount to get the man back to his feet,you have been promising and posting this man for nothing sake,tell the world are you a good leader?when your daughter moremi Ojudu challenged your integrity as a bad leadership with your cohort APC gangs,you disowned her until she tender apology publicly ,to back up my proof,check out onlinenigeria (24/11/2017),you will get the facts there,tell the whole world,are you a good leader Femi?

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