Female Students Banned From Wearing Bras To Exam Halls In China

bras banned china female students

June 7th, 2013 – Female Students Banned From Wearing Bras To Exam Halls In China

New security regulations in Jilin Province mean that female students cannot wear underwire bras during the national college entrance exam on June 7 and 8.

The “silent admission” guidelines require senior students taking the “gaokao” to go without bras and belts, and wear plastic sandals to avoid triggering the alarm on the metal-detecting equipment. Those with metal fillings or implants will need a doctor’s letter.

Netizens have criticized the security checks as too harsh, and some students are unhappy about being treated like “goods,” according to Beijing News.

One examinee told the newspaper: “I feel like we are a group of animals, ready for the market.”

Nearly 10 million students nationwide will compete for less than 7 million places available at colleges and universities.

The new checks are aimed at preventing cheating. More than 4,000 devices have already been seized during an anti-cheating campaign in Jilin.

The pressure to get into college can lead to breakdowns and suicides in the run-up to the exam, and has also encouraged many to resort to cheating.

[Source: Epoch Times]

18 thoughts on “Female Students Banned From Wearing Bras To Exam Halls In China

  1. I tink dats a gud idea,,hw i wish nigeria 2 cud implement such strategies to xclude cheatin

  2. Where there is no law there is no offence (sin) Every great nations have rules, if this is how China can prevent cheating why not,please carry on with your discipline……

  3. imagin 10million, compecting 7millionhow i wish 9ja will copy 4rm dem. What of 9ja 1.7million sit 4 jamb only 500 thousand will gain admision, where will d rest b. 2thousand went 4 recruitment only 70 will scare tru. What happened 2 ordas. 4 malpratis its ok

  4. Hahahaha,I dn tire 2 laf. Chinese,wad is wrong wt em? World most populated country! Do they think sumthin may happn? Sum silly guys wil get confuse oo… Mayb in d nxt future,they’ll ban pant.

  5. the apext country that supose to be the mirrow of the world is now implementing a nonsence law….well are not the once that suport same sex marriege

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