Femi Fani Kayode In Close Door Meeting With Jonathan..Might Join PDP Soon

fani kayode meeting jonathan

April 9, 2014 – Femi Fani Kayode In Close Door Meeting With Jonathan..Might Join PDP Soon

There were speculations that Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, a former Minister of Aviation and lately, a member of the All Progressives Congress, APC may have decided to return to the ruling Peoples Democratic Party following his close door meeting with President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday.

Fani Kayode who had in the past few months written a series of critical articles against the Jonathan administration, met with the President behind closed-doors at the Presidential Villa on Tuesday.

At the end of the meeting, the former Aviation minister refused to give details of his discussion with the President in an interview with State House correspondents after the visit.

“I won’t go into that,” was the curt reply of the former Aviation minister on his discussions with the President.

Fani Kayode also told journalists since the presidential villa houses the president of Nigeria, every Nigerian is entitled to pay a visit to the place from time to time

On his relationship with the President, Fani Kayode said: “I have always believed that every Nigerian regardless of the side of the political divide they belong, and as a Nigerian myself I have believed that we disagree on an issue from time to time, the most important thing is for us to be able to resolve these issues come together to move this country forward.”

He added that every right thinking and responsible person should be able to come to the villa from time to time and see how they can help to move the country forward.

He was however evasive on whether he is on his way out of APC affirming that he will make his position known at the appropriate time: “The step that I will take will be made known to Nigerians at the right time. The most important thing and I think you are fully aware of this is that I cannot and I will not be associated with a situation whereby any group of people is promoting a religion above another.”

“I think all of us have gone past the stage of religious politics in this country. We must treat the Muslim community with utmost respect and we must treat Christian community in the same way and even the non-religious,” added the former Minister.

Fani Kayode has of recent criticised the rumoured attempt of APC to field former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari and former Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu, who are both Muslims as the presidential and vice presidential candidate in the impending 2015 general elections.

The former Aviation Minister argued that the party should instead present a Muslim and a Christian for the position. [Source]

9 thoughts on “Femi Fani Kayode In Close Door Meeting With Jonathan..Might Join PDP Soon

  1. This is no news to me after the report of the missing $20 billion from the NNPC account by the former governor of Nigerian Central Bank last year. This president is toying with the destiny of our great nation by taking Nigerian people for fool. President Badluck Jonathan can have close door meetings with all the mighty and rich Nigerians like Femi Fani Kayode (FFK) and the like in order to be reelected for the third term in office come 2015, but his policies that have caused great hardship to ordinary Nigerians will work against him come 2015. This president has shown no encourage to tackle gross corruption destroying our country at all levels of government. This failed president has no record of achievement to show that benefited ordinary Nigerian people in his five years in office. As for me, there are various ways to describe president Badluck administration in the last five years. These include leadership failure, incompetent, gross corruption, mass killing of innocent Nigerians by government officials and Boko-Haram, fuel scarcity, fuel price hiked from #45 per gallon five years ago to #110 now, inflation, lack of agenda to move our nation forward, bribery, and dishonesty just to mention a few.
    President Badluck Jonathan would have followed the right way as our unfortunate president for the past five years. That right and only way is serving millions of ordinary Nigerians who voted for him in the last presidential election with dignity, vision, honesty and formulating good policies that will help them rather than serving special interest people like FFK and many rich and mighty Nigerians. In my opinion, I believe that this president can not fool our people again, therefore, he will rather bargain with the influential Nigerians because ordinary citizens do not matter this time around. Nigerian people from the north to the south of our great nation have had enough of president Badluck failures, misjudgments, incompetent, corruption, and inactions; therefore, they are all craving for a change come 2015. God of new birth and new beginning will offers suffering and powerless Nigerians a loyal and patriotic president in 2015. This president cannot buy his way to power with the stolen $20 billion against the will of Nigerian people next year.

  2. pls, can my message be delivered to mr fani kayode. pls tell him he should continue practising hypocracy. he should even make it a religion and he should be the deity. just few weeks ago, he openly criticized the president and after a CLOSE-DOOR MEETING( meetings where things exchange hands) he now says the president is the most responsible man for the job. So na now he just know after he don see alert. This country is over due for a revolution. y r the youths busy pinging and twitting nonsense issue instead of focusing on how to get rid the old fools in politics( like the man been paid 4million to play scrabble).. God help us

  3. I will not be surprise though to see FFK go back to PDP but I will be dissapointed to the extend that FFK does not have a mind of is own and It will be a shameless move. I am an ardent follower of FFK but by this move, I shall cease to be one because I was wrong to think he is charismatic and honorable, now I now better. foolish FFK. you are too cheap to be a man.

  4. Fani Femi Kayode has done absolutely nothing wrong in meeting with d president.. Y’all should take a chill pill n give the man some respect. He hasn’t done anything wrong yet, so don’t b too hasty to judge him…

  5. hmmmm! this Femi of a man is really a drama king. I never imagined he will think of meeting GEJ after all his noise.

  6. For now no comment till you publish one of your so called open letters,The content will determine who the real FFK is and the right comment . For now Goodluck to you.

  7. Why is it that you men are after politics politics politics where to explored our resources for their own personel interest the issue of insecurity where lives are lost properties worth billions of naira no body is saying about it God is watching us

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