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Fire Prevention Tips: Effective Ways To Prevent Fire Outbreak Before It Starts

fire prevention tips

Fire Prevention Tips: Effective Ways To Prevent Fire Outbreak Before It Starts

To prevent fire outbreak in this dry and dusty Harmattan season it is necessary that people should be well equipped in terms of knowledge and materials to be able to deal with fire outbreaks.

Before we go over prevention tips, let’s examine common cause of fire outbreaks.

Common Causes Of Fire Outbreak

  • sub-standard cables
  • power surge
  • adulterated fuel
  • careless disposal of cigarette stubs
  • Indiscriminate petrol storage
  • illegal fire connection

How To Prevent Fire Outbreaks

  1. Use Torchlight or rechargeable lamp in place of candle
  2. Improve on housekeeping culture.
  3. Check indiscriminate refuse and bush burning.
  4. Avoid wrong and improper storage of petroleum products.
  5. Proper storage and handling of inflammable substances. Do not spray your insecticides near your cooking stove or gas cooker.
  6. Ensure the use of proper electrical appliances to avoid sparks and electrical fires.
  7. Put off power supply at the main switch or control board in the incident of power failure to prevent power surge once the power is restored.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. rachel frampton

    January 18, 2021 at 7:21 AM

    In my opinion, people who own a building or a commercial facility must hire a fire prevention service so potential incidents will be avoided. Well, you are right about the importance of having proper storage of petroleum products. You are also right about the importance of using proper electrical appliances.

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