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Florence Ajimobi’s Arrest Confirmed By London Police – Oyo State Governor’s Wife Arrested

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Florence Ajimobi’s Arrest Confirmed By London Police – Oyo State Governor’s Wife Arrested

florence ajimobi arrest police londonFlorence Ajimobi’s arrest confirmed

Oct 30, 2012 – Florence Ajimobi’s Arrest Confirmed By London Police – Oyo State Governor’s Wife Arrested

Following an inquiry by a Nigerian Media firm, London Metropolitan Police has now confirmed the arrest of Florence Ajimobi, the wife of Oyo State Governor Abiola Ajimobi.

A London Met Police Official who declined to comment further because of UK’s law has confirmed that Florence Ajimobi was indeed arrested over money laundering when she was caught with Over 400,000 pounds and an unspecified amount of US dollars valued at N500 million.

When asked if she was arrested, the MET said “Yes”

Here is a confirmation message received from London Met Police this afternoon

I am sorry, we are unable to disclose any information to you under the Data Protection Act,” an officer in the MET Lambeth Office responded.

The law enforcement organization has declined to provide further comment on Florence Ajimobi’s arrest citing United Kingdom law.

In another development, Ajimobi has sued PM News and News leak for leaking his wife’s secret.

See shame for Naija.

These politicians are turning into something else.

A Nigerian Governor James Ibori was recently arrested with thousands of dollars in the UK now it’s Oyo State Governor’s wife.

Naija Politicians! God is watching you o.

This country is the most blessed country on the planet earth but these politicians are possessed by demons of corruption.

God please deliver your people o.



  1. Mike olalekan

    December 13, 2012 at 2:41 PM

    what can we say but to ask God for help.We are all thieves and an average Nigerian when asked and given power will do the same because we are just selfish people.We condemn others but when given the opportunity,we do the same.Corruption is just in our system.I thought PDP was corrupt but from ACN ? ia ma dissapointed.How many people can honestly pray to God that if he or she gets to the power will not steal and if he or she does,may God almighty take away everything both living and not ,that represents happiness in his or her life.If you can not say this then you are a thief or will steal when you have the opportunity.STOP passing blames when you plan to do the same when opportuned.

  2. Paul fajinmi

    December 13, 2012 at 2:47 PM

    You are definitely right.We have corruption flowing through us.We pass blame because we are not the ones with the money.Most Nigerians are praying to get to power to enrich themselves ,not to help others.If you are not a thief and not planning to steal….say the prayer above and say Amen or Amin.God will hear you.

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