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Fun Things To Do When Bored At Home: 31 Ways To Tackle Boredom In Marriage, Relationship & Family

fun things to do when bored

What Can I Do Today For Fun?…See 31 Ways To Tackle Boredom In Marriage, Relationship & Family

When there isn’t anything fun or interesting to occupy our time, we tend to get bored. When experiencing boredom you can almost swear that time slows down so you can suffer longer. Some get very easily bored while others, not so much. This is probably due to the general difference in personality traits. Most people have their unique definition on what is considered fun.

 What Can I Do Today To Tackle Boredom?

There are always activities which can guarantee you have fun and shed boredom. Finding fun things to do sometimes does not even cost you a dime. In the age we find ourselves, getting entertaining activities which suit your personality are not difficult to come by.

Being bored for extended periods is not always advisable, as it has been proven to result in people entertaining negative thoughts and other unhealthy habits. Boredom doesn’t always come as a result of being alone you can be in a crowded room and still feel bored. You can also be alone and yet not feel bored at all. Boredom is believed to stem from certain factors like: having a high level of energy and having no activity to expend it on. You also tend to get bored when you are unable to focus your attention or are experiencing difficulty in concentrating. Boredom can as well occur when a person is being forced into a situation or when they sense that they possess hardly any control over a situation. An instance of such is being in a class or lecture room or perhaps in a waiting area.

What Should I Do Today For Fun

There are a number of activities you can choose from in order to tackle boredom.

Watch Movies And Videos

This is an easy way to have fun. Search for good and engaging movies, TV series and video clips that fill you with various kinds of pleasant emotions and generally bring you entertainment. You can watch them at home or other appropriate places. If you would rather not hang out alone and watch them, then you could step out in search of a cinema.

Play Games

This can really be a fun way to pass the day. Pick your favorite games or more challenging ones and do some fun battles. Be it video games, online games, word games, puzzles you name it, games are a sure way to kill boredom.

Chat Or Meet Up With Friends

Meeting up with friends, talking, catching up, engaging in friendly banter and good old gossip could be a good activity for the day. You could also chat with friends and have video calls as well if you do not feel inclined to go out.

Cook Or Bake Something

Try your hands on some culinary creativity, maybe cook or bake. Experiment with new cooking and baking techniques as well as recipes and appreciate your efforts. Bake a cake or some cookies or something new and inventive.

Painting And Coloring

You don’t really have to know how to paint, but just give it a try. Try painting a picture of yourself and laugh at your efforts. Get a coloring book, start coloring and have fun with the child within you.

Surf The Internet

The internet is rich in a variety of content in written, audio video and picture formats. Connect and pick contents of your choice books, fashion trends, music, social media and diverse entertainment platforms.

Music And Dancing

Listening to music is good for the soul and is a very good way to unwind and stay entertained. Play your favorites tracks, sing and dance along. Whether you know how to or not, do it anyway, it puts you in a fun mood.

Plan A Vacation

Plan a vacation for yourself no expenses spared, the resources do not have to available that’s the fun of it. Check out good spots and interesting places open to tourists. Examine good lodges and hotel reservations. View and print pictures if you can and make a vacation album of these places you would like to visit.

Buy Things Online

When you shop online, you get to find a good number of things you would like to purchase and with little or no stress involved. You can click and order things you find interesting.

What Should I Do Today With My Boyfriend

Planning activities with your boyfriend should not always be as a result of boredom. It should be a regular occurrence because doing stuff together and having shared experiences, further builds the bonds of your relationship. Doing fun things as a couple spices things up and gives your relationship more excitement.

Have A Picnic

This is a great activity provided you have a good spot and good weather. You can both pack a picnic basket enjoy each other’s company and some delicious snacks.

Hang Out

Pay a visit to some great and exciting places the zoo, museums parks or attend concerts.

Watch Movies

You can stay indoors, talk and watch great movies together. You can also take the movie watching elsewhere, going to the cinema is fun too.

Go For A Walk

Take morning or evening walks together; appreciate each other’s company and the environment.

Have Dinner Together

Make dinner together and have a nice and romantic dinner for two, indoors. It can be a perfect and interesting end to the day.

Make Desserts

Work together and attempt to come up with unique dessert treats to impress and out-do each other. Make jest and have fun with your treats.

Play Games

Playing video games, puzzles and a variety of interesting games can spice up your day. A little gaming competition won’t harm anyone.

What Should I Do Tonight

Read A Book

If you are not up for a night out, then you could get comfortable with a good book. You also find great online book apps which grant you access to a variety of book choices.

Practice Yoga

It can be a good way to ease the stress of the day. Yoga stretches can help you relax and ease your muscles.

Watch The News

Not the first choice for many people, but watching the news can be quite enlightening. It builds up your knowledge and level of information. You never know when this knowledge could come in handy.

Popcorn Night

Get settled with a bowl of popcorn and relive your childhood. Watch old movies or old TV series you remember from way back.

What Should I Do Right Now

Work Out

Exercise is a great way to pass the time. So gear up and work on toning those muscles and building abs. Get a good work out video if you have to and sweat things out.

Clean And Organize

Clear out and organize your work space. Do that task you have been postponing and finally get it done already. Put your closet in order or set out your work cloths for the week.

Get Online Lessons

With the help of online videos, learn a new skill or build on what you already know. Download some videos on any topic of interest and self learn.

Visit A Friend

Think of that one friend or maybe friends you haven’t seen in a while call them up, pay them a visit or invited them over. You may choose to have a little in house snacking and fun time.

What Can I Do Today I’m Bored


If you are one to write or have the creativity to spin a great tale, why not try making it into a short story. You may try penning down your thoughts or future goals if spinning a story isn’t your thing.

Make A Video

Do a short video on any interesting topic of your choice. It can even be as simple as a video on how your day is going.

Spa Treatment

Give yourself a little treat at the spa get a manicure and pedicure. You can get a massage as well and feel light and refreshed.

What Should I Do Today With My Family

The family bond is one of the most important bonds which should be nurtured. Spending time and making family memories is priceless. Here are some activities which can be done with your family.

Have A Family Barbeque

This is a good time for the family to get together and catch up. Hosting a barbeque or a family party is something every family member will appreciate and can be a part of.

Play Dress-Up

Play dress-up with your kids let them dress up with your clothes dress-up with them as well take pictures, laugh and get in touch with your inner child.


Kids love to paint and draw, even the adults can join them in this fun too. A lot of these things can be done together. Nothing wrong with spending the day making scrapbooks, origami, paintings, drawing, creating a leaf book, the list is endless.

Visit The Amusement Park

A family visit to an amusement park will definitely be well remembered especially when little kids are involved. Take rides and play games as a family.

Boredom can be tackled in a great number of ways, finding the right activity per time is all that is needed. The list of things to do is definitely in-exhaustive.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mon

    May 14, 2019 at 6:55 AM

    Well! all the remedy seems to be for those in functioning environment,WHERE time table works, in abroad to be precise.
    That’s not for average Nigerian..not that they will not love it, but the opportunity is not there.

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