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Day Of Birth Personality Traits: Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday Borns Facts & Characteristics

thursday born personality traits

Day Of Birth Personality Traits: Facts About People Born On Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 

The day of birth of a person determines the unique personality traits which may be associated with such an individual. The attributes of a Friday born is sure to be different from that of a Saturday born.

day of birth personality traits

A Saturday born will always act like one. A Sunday born can never be compared with a Thursday born. Every one is special and has characteristics which differ from others. Read on to discover personality traits of Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday borns.

Thursday Born Facts And Personality Traits

Thursday born fellows are known for their optimism. They are respectful, well-behaved and really sincere. They are able to find their way. They can climb the ladder of success on their own without help from anyone.

Thursday born individuals are not receptive to criticism. They tend to hold grudges too. They need friends who are willing to understand their behavior. They are amazing to anyone who knows how to tolerate them. Here are 10 characteristics of Thursday born people.

They are optimistic:

People born on Thursday are optimists. They see the good aspects of every situation. They are wise and understanding. They are cool-headed individuals who can help others to gain hope. People are easily attracted to them. They have the ability to uplift and motivate others.

They are respectful:

Thursday borns believe in mutual respect. They accept that respect is reciprocal. They prefer to be in a relationship where they will be treated with respect. They show respect to everyone and demand to be respected too. They treat people with respect.

They are independent:

Thursday born people are very independent. They can do a lot of things by themselves. They do not seek for help often. They like to carve their paths alone. They are sure to seek solutions for themselves. Their lives are purely independent.

They are well-behaved and sincere:

Thursday borns are well-behaved individuals. They are sincere and open to everyone. They sure know how to react and respond to certain things. Everyone loves a Thursday born immediately. Their positive energy draws others closer. They treat others well.

They are hardworking leaders:

Thursday borns are naturally hardworking. They are sure to become leaders. They work hard to get to the top. They try their possible best to climb the ladder of success. Thursday borns can easily be found in high places because they are quick to end up in high positions.

They are not receptive to criticism:

Thursday born people do not welcome criticism. They tend to resent those who criticize them. They do not want anyone to criticize their work or actions. They are stubborn and tough to deal with. They often chase many friends away because they hate to be talked to about certain their behavior.

They are lucky and able to achieve success on their own:

Individuals born on Thursday are lucky. As they go about their daily lives, luck smiles upon them easily. They don’t have to struggle for long before they get what they want. They may be born in rich and influential homes. They will find themselves in situations where they receive help fast enough.

They have a wide range of interests:

People born on Thursday have a lot of things that interest them. They enjoy lots of activities. They are sure to be doing something at any given moment. They get bored easily and do not like being idle. They always want to be occupied and engaged. They cannot stay in a particular place for a long time.

They get irritated easily:

Thursday borns are easily irritated. Even little things or acts may piss them off. They have an irritable nature which causes people to find it difficult to cope with them. They need to learn to control their irritations. They also need people who understand their behavior well.

They hold grudges and sometimes seek revenge:

Thursday born folks tend to hold grudges once offended. They sometimes seek revenge and can retaliate if they choose to. They do not like being annoyed. They hate mistreatment from others. They love to be treated justly and fairly.

 Friday Borns Facts And Personality Traits

Individuals born on a Friday are simply amazing. They are creative, peaceful, kind and fun-loving. They are spontaneous. Friday borns are bright and charming.

They are wise and surprisingly knowledgeable about certain aspects. They are cool sweethearts. They are natural artists. Below are 10 personality traits of Friday borns.

friday born personality traits

They appreciate beautiful things:

Friday borns appreciate the beauty in everything. They admire creativity and original works of art. They love to create too. They may be found in arts and entertainment. They love creative aspects like music, movies and paintings.

They are extremely creative:

People born on Friday are full of creativity. They are sure to make unique contributions in any sector they find themselves. They are more creative than other people. They believe in originality and ingenuity. They are sure to develop new ideas.

They have artistic skills:

Friday born individuals are natural artists. They have innate abilities which helps them organize and make beauty. They often feel very satisfied when they create beautiful and amazing things. They end up with artistic careers such as singing, paintings and cartoons.

They are emotional sensitive:

People born on Friday are very sensitive in relationships. They are happy people but they become sensitive in relationships. They fear heartbreaks so they guard their hearts a lot. They do not love people who they aren’t sure of. They get suspicious of their partner easily.

They dislike setbacks:

Friday born people do not like to experience disappointment. They feel disheartened when they encounter a setback in life. They tend to become afraid of failure. They do not want to be pulled back. They love being accepted, acknowledged and set forward.

They are ruled by intuition:

People born on Friday have intuitions which help them get through life. They use their intuition to guard themselves from harm or trouble. Their abilities help them make the best decisions. They are intuitively driven towards their progress in life.

They love when peace reigns:

Friday borns crave harmony amongst everyone. They desire for everybody to love one another. They have a thing for peace and tranquility. They hate strife between themselves and others. They are peacemakers. They are peaceful to be with.

They are kindhearted and can soothe the pain of others:

People who are born on Friday can help anyone heal with their encouraging words. They can help others recover from heartbreak and trauma. They sure know how to cheer anyone up. They are kind to everyone. They are known to lend a helping hand to others.

They behave like wise sages:

Friday born people are wise about everything. They are wiser than their peers and even elders too. Their wisdom is unmatched. They seem to have unique insights about anything. They are treasured by friends and family because of this ability of theirs.

They are spiritual beings:

People born on a Friday seem to know many things that others have no clue about. They know their strengths and weaknesses. They are self-aware. They believe in themselves. They have spiritual insights and are in touch with their spirit selves.

Saturday Borns Facts And Personality Traits

People born on a Saturday are hardworking and full of life. They are strong and agile individuals. They are fashionable and are loved by everyone.

saturday born personality

They also do not heed to other people’s advice. They only do what their minds tell them. They are smart and also very confident. They are the most inspiring colleagues at work. Here are 10 characteristics of Saturday borns.

They are trustworthy and relevant:

Saturday born people often have a lot of responsibility. They are trusted by many. They are serious with whatever they do. They are relevant beings who have a lot of importance. Wherever a Saturday born is found, their presence is sure to be felt.

They are hardworking and industrious:

Saturday borns are determined to make it in life. They are industrious workers. They are known to work hard. They do not shy away from duties. They perform assigned tasks as at when due. They are loved and admired by colleagues because of the relentless efforts they put in anything they do.

They are smart and patient:

Saturday born people are smart. They are intelligent beings who can get through anything. They are intellectual and full of brains. They can excel in anything they choose to do. They can endure anything. They are patient folks who know how to calm down when necessary.

They love to look good:

Saturday born personalities pride in their outfits. They are extremely conscious about their appearance. They take out time to dress well. They create a unique style for themselves. They may look like they have a professional stylist because they always look on point and purposeful.

They tend to dwell on past occurrence:

Individuals born on Saturday always bother about something that happened in the past. They get sad when they remember past happenings. They tend to hone on unfair and irrational treatment which they might have received. They brood over certain things for a long time.

They may to act negative sometimes:

Saturday borns are not concerned with what others think of them. They seem to think in the opposite direction. They tend to have negative vibes. They may come across as moody, tensed and unhappy. They may also act jealous and unconcerned in some situations.

They are so confident in themselves:

Saturday born folks are confident. They believe so much in themselves. It is hard to find an insecure Saturday born. They love to be the stars in the crowd. Many people may think they are proud but they are not. They are humble and boldness filled people.

They do not embrace other people’s opinions:

Saturday born personalities believe so much in themselves that they begin to think that they can never go wrong. They do not agree with most people’s words. They feel they are the only ones who know what is good for themselves. They may listen to others but they do not accept their advice.

They are stubborn and selective with whom they talk to:

People born on Saturday do not speak with just anybody. They are selective and conscious of whom they converse with. They study everyone well before deciding to make friends with them. They mix with others who have the same interests and values like they do.

They find it difficult to trust others:

Saturday borns tend to doubt their friends and colleagues. They can count on themselves but they are not very certain about other people. They seem to get suspicious about everything. They are naturally unsure about what their friends claim to be.

Sunday Born Facts And Personality Traits

Sunday borns are men of few words. They are full of positivity and love to spend time in solitude. They are charitable and loving.

sunday born personality traits

They are sensitive and short-tempered. Nonetheless, they are thoughtful fellows to make good friends and have great relationships with. These are 10 characteristics of Sunday borns.

They stay positive always:

Sunday born people keep a positive attitude. They are always positive about life. They look at what they hope to happen. They are full of faith. They believe everything would work out well. They are sure to declare and see their desires become reality even when others don’t.

They are happy when they give to others:

People born on a Sunday are generous people. They love to give to anyone who appreciates their efforts. They give to the poor and to the needy. They are not the type that give in return for something. Whenever a Sunday born gives, they give willingly and joyfully.

They tend to suspicious about everything:

Sunday born individuals suspect others a lot. They do not open up to others easily. They tend to find it hard to trust other people. They do background checks before getting close to anyone. It may take a lot of persuasion and proofs before they can trust someone fully.

They are sensitive about what other people say:

Sunday born personality are sensitive about the words of others. They think about a comment which someone may have made for a long time. They are always concerned about what people said. They are bothered about what others will say. They tend to brood over other people’s thoughts.

They take their time in solitude important:

Individuals born on a Sunday love to stay alone. They like to spend time with their thoughts away from distraction. They love to spend quality time alone. They do not like being bothered by others. They value their private space.

They do not keep a lot of friends:

Sunday born people have an introverted nature. They do not mix with others well. They may be shy or unwilling to talk to anyone. They prefer to have a few friends. People surround them a lot but they only get close to a few.

They may procrastinate a lot:

Sunday born folks seem to overthink things. They are sure to cause delay before they embark on a journey or start a new activity. They tend to have a lot of abandoned projects. They are easily frustrated. They get tired and stressed out easily.

They are short-tempered:

People born on a Sunday may have issues controlling their anger. Certain things get to them pretty fast. They have a quick temper which may cause them to withdraw from others. When annoyed with everyone, they seem to dissociate from others for the mean time. This affects their relationship with others.

They are independent and helpful:

Sunday born personality love to help those in need. They are sure to find a way out of any tough situation. They can get any seemingly impossible task done. They help others to do things too. They are totally independent. They can do things on their own.

They are very stubborn:

Individuals born on Sunday are bound to always have clashes with others. They find it difficult to deal with certain situations. They tend to be very difficult to those who do not understand and view things the way Sunday borns do. They have a tough attitude which everyone seems to complain about.

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