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Nigerian Actress Funke Akindele Jenifa Net Worth & Biography: Detail Life Story & Family History Of Jenifa’s Diary Producer

funke akindele net worth 2018

Nollywood Actress Funke Akindele Biography And Net Worth: Updated Life Story Of Jenifa’s Diary Producer Akindele Olufunke Ayotunde

Award winning ‘superstar’ actress Akindele Olufunke Ayotunde popularly known as Jenifa or simply Funke Akindele was born on the 24th of August 1977 in Ikorodu Lagos State.

She was born into a family of 5 and  was the second girl out of the three children her parents had. Funke Akindele was a little bit privileged as she was born into a family of elites. Her father was the school principal of a prestigious school in Lagos State while her mother was a practicing medical doctor.

After her secondary education Funke Akindele was unable to secure direct admission into the university and so she decided to have her Ordinary National Diploma (OND) at the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic ( formerly Ogun State Polytechnic). After a successful stint at the polytechnic  Funke Akindele decided to further her education and thus proceeded to study at the esteemed University of Lagos.

It was not an easy ride for her but she graduated with an Honour degree in Law.

Funke Akindele was born into a family of elites and because of that she was expected to follow their footsteps. This is the reason she studied Law in the university but she had other plans for herself. She wanted to become an actress.

She was put into the spotlight when she starred in the popular TV series “I need to know”. The TV series was one that was created to enlighten the public on the issues teenagers face while growing up.

The TV series was sponsored by an international organisation, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and so it received many privileges and was able to garner a large public audience. She got the role of one of the major acts “Bisi” in the series and ever since then she has been under the watch of the public eye.

After making a good impression on the public, she was received with overwhelming love, she went on to feature in over a hundred films in Nollywood. By mid 2000s she was referred to as one of the most prominent youngsters in the industry alongside co-star Odunlade Adekola. She has many megahit movies to her name, some of the are Maami, Omo Ghetto and the very famous Jenifa.

She is one of the most decorated actresses in the movie industry having won an outstanding record number of 17 awards out of a total of 22 nominations.

Some of the awards she won are Best Actress for her movie ‘Jenifa’ at the AMAA in 2009, Best Actress in comedy at the AMVCA in 2014 and so many others.

A few years into her career as an actress Funke Akindele starred as the major role in the movie “Jenifa”, a role that would later shape the rest of her life.

In the movie, her role was to act as a local girl from the village that came to seek the good life in Lagos. The movie was widely accepted and loved all over the country and thus she was branded as Jenifa.

It wasn’t only her role in the movie that made her popular but her accent also. The brand “Jenifa” became her signature. Due to the amazing success of the film subsequent parts were later released and they were more successful managing to even reach the international audience.

After releasing 3 parts to her movie the public still wanted more of Jenifa. Funke Akindele agreed on an interview that the crowd loved her but they loved Jenifa more, and so she decided to capitalise on that love for the character. This led to the spin-off TV  series “Jenifa’s Diaries”. The series is believed to be one of the most successful comedy series to have ever been aired in Nigeria. The TV series had some very talented music stars such as Lota Chukwu and the famous musician, actor and activist Folarin Falana(Falz Da bad guy).

Although Funke Akindele said she is tired of producing the series, her husband and crew have been encouraging her to go on because of the public love for the TV series. The TV series is on its 11th Season and it doesn’t look like they are going to apply brakes on its production anytime soon.

Funke Akindele got married to her first husband a business man and politician named Adeola Kehinde Oyedele on the 26th of May 2012. The marriage was riddled with crisis and eventually broke up after many failed attempts to reconcile on the part of her former husband. She claimed the crisis started just two months into her marriage and she was constantly abused emotionally and mentally. After her divorce from her first husband Funke Akindele managed to pick herself up in the hope that she would find love once again. She received a lot of support from some of her family and friends and even fans during those dark days.

Funke Akindele’s wish was granted, there was a rumour going around that she was dating famous London based producer and musician JJC Skillz whose full name is Abdulrasheed Bello.

JJC Skillz was born in Kano State but had spent most of his life in London where he built his career as one of the best producers and musicians of his time.

The fact that Funke Akindele and JJC Skillz were dating remained a rumour as the actress decided to keep mute about it, until their wedding was announced in the first half of 2016.

JJC Skillz has had children with three other women but it doesn’t seem to be a problem for the couple as he is always seen showering praises on his wife whenever he gets the chance.

Now accompanied with a booming career and a successful marriage, Funke Akindele has set her eyes on other projects. She currently runs her own foundation named Funke Akindele foundation, and it was established to provide young people with the knowledge and skills required to excel in life.

She is also an ambassador to many organisations and is working on a new series “On tha streetz” to showcase the life of a street ‘hustler’. Her works have revolutionalised production and distribution in the entertainment industry and we look forward to getting more amazing works from her.

Funke Akindele’net worth in 2018 is N865 Million Naira.

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