GEJ Not Running Away From EFCC, He Travelled Abroad To Launch His Foundation – Aide

gej flee nigeria cote divoire

Tuesday May 24, 2016 – Former President Goodluck Jonathan Didn’t Flee Nigeria To Cote d’Ivoire, He Travelled Abroad To Launch His Foundation – Aide

In the midst of rumour that former President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, has gone on self-exile, facts have emerged as to why he has been outside the country for about one month now.

This is coming at a time an aide to the former president laughed off the insinuation that his boss fled the country, describing the claim as strange and untenable. He said Jonathan has no reason to run away.

There has been rumour, which was capped with a report on the website of a Lagos-based national newspaper that the former president had gone into self-exile in Cote d’Ivoire, to escape arrest by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

In recent times, EFCC detained and quizzed top aides of Jonathan. The most recent was last week’s arrest of Alhaji Hassan Tukur, who served Jonathan as Principal Private Secretary.

We gathered that Jonathan has been outside the country partly for medical treatment and mobilization for the launch of his foundation, Jonathan Foundation.

Sources revealed that the former president first travelled to the United States for medical check up, owing to undisclosed health challenges. He was said to have stayed in the US for about two weeks.

Owing to his health challenge, sources revealed, Jonathan, even though was in the US, could not attend two ceremonies, where he was honoured for his role in maintaining peace in Nigeria and Africa.

The first event was the 25th annual Africa/Diaspora conference of the Cal State University’s Center for African Peace and Conflict Resolution, in Sacramento California last month, where Jonathan

was given an award for his role in promoting democracy and peace.

Also two cities of Antioch and Lathrop in the United States honoured Jonathan for promoting peace and democracy in Africa. At the award ceremony, the Mayor of the city of Antioch, Mayor Wade Harper, expressed his admiration for the former president and declared that the city of Antioch, California, was proud of his legacies, especially his act of overseeing free, fair and conclusive elections and leaving the scene when the ovation was loudest.

In the two events, Mr. Reno Omokri, his former adviser on social media, represented him.

From the United States, Jonathan travelled to United Kingdom, from where he also visited some African countries over the planned launch of his foundation, scheduled to hold before the end of the year.

Daily Sun gathered that Jonathan is scheduled to deliver a lecture at the London School of Economics, United Kingdom, after keeping an appointment with his doctor in the US, as follow-up to his earlier treatment.

The former president, sources revealed, will return to the country next week, depending on the result of his medical examination or after the lecture in London early next month.

Former President Jonathan, through a close aide said the report of his exile was not only baseless but downright mischievous.

The aide, who pleaded for anonymity, said the report was patently out of sync with the reality on the ground.

He said: “It is laughable that anyone would think President Jonathan would run off into exile. For what reason exactly? What offence has he committed that would compel him to abscond from this country.”

He said his former boss believed the whole story was targeted at smearing him, which smacks of desperation.

[Daily Sun]

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  2. @Bench hu you be? Eeeeeeeee you go fear comments. No be only Uncle Wole’s number Naa Chinua Achebe number you go

  3. My Jonathan can never run away bcos of Buhari. It’s veri dangerous to embark on a journey dat u cannot accomplish. Buhari an co-horts, leave jonathan alone, he’s nt d one dat made the Niger Delta millitants to bomb oil pipe lines.

  4. What stupid foundation¬!!!!!.Can he spell foundation. Thief!!! Take all the stolen funds back and give it to the rightful owners. The people of Nigeria.

  5. What foundation are we talking about here? Are you talking about foundation of looting, embezzlement, mismanagement, misappropriation, money laundering operations, bad governance, and corruption that have caused millions of Nigerians hardship and poverty? These guys are all shameless animals in human body. That bastard looter is Launching his evil and corrupt foundation abroad after he and his associates have looted Nigerian national treasure from billions of dollars in surplus to bankruptcy within six years in power. The last time I checked, no American former President ever launched his foundation outside his home state in the U.S, it is unheard of for any former U.S President to launch his foundation in a foreign country. But our corrupt bastards that are enemies of the people always want to emulate American style by creating their stupid foundations without any accomplishment or achievement just to feel important and show their loots to the rest of the world. In a true democracy, Badluck Jonathan should be in jail right now serving life in prison for charges ranging from money laundering, financial fraud, embezzlement, mismanagement, and corruption. Yes, I remember that anything goes in our highly corrupt nation where the mighty, influential, and super rich individuals can invade our corrupt justice system with their blood money. Wonder shall never end, zoologist who became president by chance is now launching foundation in a white man country with our looted funds. God will judge those that have distorted Nigerian destiny and mess up lives of many generation to come because of their selfishness, seif-centeredness, and unpatriotic behaviors. There is God who dwells in Heavens.

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