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How To Keep A Nigerian Man Happy & Interested…Guide To Truly Pleasing Your Man

how to keep nigerian man happy interested

How to Keep a Nigerian Man Happy And Interested & Make Him/ Her Happy In a Relationship

The act of meeting people, getting to know them, falling in love and starting a relationship can be such a joy. It’s a high thoroughly enjoyed by many. You go to great lengths to sustain these emotions and keep the fire in your relationship fresh and burning.

When a relationship has been initiated and properly defined both individuals can efficiently work together as a unit, fully aware that they both have the same goal in mind. Defining a relationship is very important to ensure that you both are speaking the same language.

When it comes to dating and relationships, assumption is bad. It pays better to properly communicate with each other. Do not assume, be absolutely sure that your motives tally with that of your partner to avoid misdirection.

The principles of building and sustaining a good relationship with a Nigerian man is basically the same worldwide, save for a few disparities consequent to environmental and cultural differences. Keeping a Nigerian man happy in a relationship requires a lot of effort on the side of both parties.

Feelings and emotion alone will not cut it; you are going to have to work to keep your partner happy and interested.

Here are a few things you can do to keep the interest of your Nigerian man and sustain his happiness.

Ways to Keep a Nigerian Man Happy And Interested In A Relationship

Make Him Feel Needed

Nothing massages the ego of a man like the feeling of being needed by his woman. Old or young it really doesn’t matter, all men love the feeling of being needed it is in their nature, they are genetically wired that way. When a man feels his presence is of no value to you; then he may very well feel tempted to move on to places where his desire to feel needed is met. So don’t be afraid or too proud to show him how much you need him and how important his presence in your life is.

Respect Him

Men tend to flee from places where they feel disrespected. Most Nigerian men place a very high value on respect arguably more than men of other races.

When a Nigerian man does not feel respected around you, it’s only a matter of time before he loses interest. Now respect here is not necessarily referring to the customary good morning, good afternoon and such. Respect in this case is focused mainly on your reactions to what he says, the things he loves, his ideas and dreams.

How do you respond to his ideas even those ones which seemingly do not make much sense? What sort of words do you use on him when there is a misunderstanding? When he expresses an opinion about important steps you need to make as a couple how is it received. These are questions to ask.

When a man especially a Nigerian man does not feel your respect and support in the things he terms as important and is constantly belittled by you it is only a matter time before he is out the door.

Be Who He Fell In Love With

Don’t get stuck up trying to change yourself and your acts because you feel it will make a Nigerian man love you more. Sometimes he just wants the lady he fell in love with. Don’t let yourself go because you feel you have permanently won his love and attention.

Try not to lose yourself when attempting to conform to the standards of society. If he fell in love with a simple and beautiful lady then stay simple and beautiful. Maintain your unique characteristics and personality a Nigerian man will love you even more for that.

Be His Friend First

Friendship aids the longevity of a relationship. Couples who build their foundation on equal amounts of love and friendship most often than not are guaranteed a long and happy relationship. A Nigerian man wants a girlfriend who is also a buddy he can have fun with; be a lady he can speak to and connect with, someone who shares his interests. A companion with whom he can laugh, have fun and be goofy with.

It is said that there is a little boy in every man who loves to come out and play, awaken your inner child as well and have fun.  The key is to strike a balance between love and friendship because love alone does not assure you a happy relationship.

Give Him Space and Privacy

This is basically common to every man. Sometimes, Nigerian men just need their space and time alone. Other times they just need to hang out with their friends and may not necessarily want you there. Don’t feel slighted and nag him about it or worse become suspicious of his need to be with friends or by himself. Give him space and don’t complain about it; peace and quiet is a gift treasured by most men.

Also don’t encroach on his privacy. You are both partners in the relationship but each is entitled to a little bit of privacy. Avoid going through his personal things for your peace of mind rather than his. It gets tiring for a Nigerian man and any man for that matter when he has to constantly explain to you what business he has with other ladies on his contact list or his social media. Stop stalking him it’s not just creepy, it also speaks negatively about you.

Avoid Being Too Dependent

Being too clingy and over dependent gets tiring for a Nigerian man; exhibit some self confidence and independence so he knows you depend on him because you want to not because you have to.

Your man does not have a secret dollar tree planted in his back yard. Be mindful and considerate of his finances.

Nothing stops you from having a steady income of your own; don’t instantly expect him to the carry the financial burden of yourself, your friends and your entire family.

Your Nigerian man will flee almost immediately.

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