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how to make a nigerian woman happy

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How To Make Your Nigerian Woman, African Girlfriend Happy In A Relationship: 6 Power Steps

how to make a nigerian woman happy

How To Make Your Nigerian, African Woman/Girlfriend Happy & Interested In A Relationship: 6 Power Steps

The female gender has been officially been termed a complicated species each carrying a slightly different manual from the other. However, generally speaking most women have a lot of things in common.

How To Make A Nigerian, African Woman/Girlfriend Happy & Interested In A Relationship

These are a few points to follow to ensure your woman’s interest and happiness should she be Nigerian or not.

Appreciate Her

A woman loves to know that her efforts are noticed and genuinely appreciated. Your lady has taken out time to make you a meal, it doesn’t have to be a master piece but she definitely want to be thanked and commended for the gesture. When she changes her look, you are duty bound to notice.

When she has taken just about the whole day getting dressed she wants to hear and know that you appreciate what you see. Give thoughtful and genuine compliments not flattery, compliments.  Notice seemingly insignificant details.

Be Attentive

When she wants to talk, be there to lend a listening ear, you don’t necessarily have to give elaborate responses. Many times she just needs to know that you pay attention to what she says. In the world of women, it’s the little things that count. Your lady is happy when you obviously listen to what she shares no matter how silly it may sound and a Nigerian lady is no different.

Have a Good Attitude

Some men are of the opinion that their good looks or financial status is enough to keep a woman satisfied and happy in a relationship. But the truth is, a poor attitude is one of the fastest ways to chase a Nigerian/African lady away. The objective is to come across as a self assured and confident man not a rude and arrogant one.

See Her as a Partner

To keep a Nigerian lady happy, she needs to see that you put her on the same footing with you. Let her know that her ideas and opinions are just as important as yours. Her getting the impression that she is inferior to you turns her off.

Be Dependable

Be the man who is there in her time of need. A  Nigerian woman needs to know you are a reliable individual. Someone who can show up for her should a problem arise and also make her feel secure. A woman appreciates a man who at the very least makes an effort to get her out of a tight situation. So be a man she can depend on and one who has integrity.

Be Compassionate

Women appreciate kind and thoughtful gestures not just towards them but also towards others. They love a kind hearted man who is not quick to spill out demeaning words and treatment. Being affectionate and courteous to your lady will definitely keep her happy and very much interested in the relationship.

This list does not entirely cover the ways you can keep the happiness in your relationship alive; it is however a good place to start. Make sure you both are working as a team to keep the relationship fun and interesting as a good relationship requires effective partnership.



  1. NIYI

    January 29, 2019 at 10:58 AM

    My question to this writer is; can a man really make a woman happy ??? cause all they do is absorb & pretend.

  2. Chukwuka Ubani

    August 17, 2019 at 5:51 PM

    I have a girlfriend and i really want to keep this girl, but i find it hard to follow most of the steps listed here. But i guess i would just try my best.
    Nice post.
    Thanks for the post.

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