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How To Subscribe To Airtel Nigeria Night Plans 2019 & Activate Smart Trybe, Get Free Data, Renew & Check Balance

How To subscribe to Airtel nigeria Night plan

How To Subscribe To Airtel Nigeria Night Plans 2019 & Activate Smart Trybe Tariff Plans, Get Free Data, Renew & Check Balance

As you are aware of, there is a huge competition between the major network providers in Nigeria.

Everyone wants the most customers and at such, upgrade their networks, and provide eye-popping deals/offers, to attract them.

This is actually good, as it all comes down to the benefit of we the users.

airtel nigeria night plans subscribe check balance

Few years back, there were not much deals that offered huge bonuses or data volumes at cheap rates but today, you see mouth watering deals all around.

In this article, I will show you one of these eye opening deals we have today (Airtel Night Plan), how to subscribe to it, how to renew it, and how to check your balance.

Way down this article, I will also show you how to get free data on airtel.

Can’t wait? I advice you just be patient and read on…

 How To Subscribe To Airtel Night Plan

The Airtel night plan is one of the best night plans today in Nigeria.

This plan offers huge data volumes at extremely cheap rates and trust me when I tell you, you will love it.

One thing I love about the night plan is that it remains active all the way till 5am. These plans lasts from 12am-5am.

You can find listed below, the airtel night plans in Nigeria.

  • 500MB For #25 Airtel Night Plan (12:00am to 5:00am).
  • 5GB For #200 Airtel Night Plan (12:00am to 5:00am).

You can see that the deals above have huge data volumes at cheap rates.

It is very easy to activate this plan but before you do that, you have to make sure you are on the airtel SmartTrybe tarrif plan.

You can only activate the night plans above, if you are on that tarrif plan.

How To Activate Airtel Smart Trybe Tarrif Plan

If you are asking why you need to migrate to a different tarrif plan before using the airtel night plan, then know now, that this is so, because the airtel night plan is not for all airtel users.

It is specially designed for the Smart Trybers, so you have to be on that tarrif plan to enjoy any of these benefits.

The situation is more like that of MTN, where you have to be on MTN pulse to enjoy their night plans, because it is an offer for the pulse users only.

To migrate to smart Trybe, you just have to dial *312#, and Pick option 1 from the pop up menu.

After completing this, you will receive a message welcoming you to the smartTybe tarrif plan.

If you are already on smart Trybe, you will receive a message saying so.

When you migrate to the SmartTrybe tarrif plan the next thing to do is subscribe to any of the night plans I listed earlier.

Subscribing to the night plan is easy, and the whole step is ussd based.

You just need to insert  the ussd code in your dialer to start the process.

Airtel Night plan codes

Find below, how to activate the two night plans I aforementioned.

  • 500MB For #25 only: To activate this wonderful plan,
  • just dial *312#
  • pick 3 from the list of options on the pop-up menu. The option 3 is “Trybe Night Browsing”.

After picking 3, you will be taken to another page in the pop-up menu.

In here, you just have to pick option 1, to subscribe to the 500MB for #25 night plan.

It is very easy to activate.

  • 5GB For #200 only: This plan is for people who need more data, and are not satisfied with only 500MB for the night.

The plan costs only #200, and you get a massive data volume of 1.5gb valid from 12:00am to 5:00am (i.e 5 hours).

Activating this plan takes almost the same steps as activating the first one.

To do it, dial *312#, and pick the number three (3) option on the list, which is the “Trybe Night Browsing“.

When you select this, another list will pop-up. In this list, you just have to pick 2, to activate the 1.5gb night plan for #200 only.

You can see that these plans are very easy to activate.

All it takes is being on the Smart Trybe tarrif plan, and you are good to go.

For now, these are the only night plans in the Airtel Nigeria network. We do not know if another wonderful deal would be added soon, but we just have to keep watching, by enjoying the ones that are already available to us.

Personally, I think these plans are one of the best when it comes to night plans and night browsing in Nigeria.

These plans came into existence after airtel Nigeria abandoned the unlimited time-based plans.

This was a major heart break to users, but it’s a good thing we have good offers today.

Having 1.5gb valid for 5 hours to me, is better than having unlimited data with a fair usage limit for maybe 1 hour.

The unlimited plans used to go with a data cap, so it was not all that unlimited.

Now, back to work…

How to check airtel night plan balance

Unfortunately, you can not check your airtel night plan balance.

The Airtel Nigeria network did not integrate this feature to the night plan.

However, there is a way you can do it.

To do this, you must use a smartphone (either Android or ios).

Now, for the android users, here is how to track your data usage and volume right in your phone. This is not affiliated to airtel in anyway.

To do this, you just have to head into the settings app on your android phone, enter data usage, and tap on the cellular data usage limit.

When you tap this, you will have to set a data limit.

In here, you can set the limit to be 500MB, or 1.5gb, as the case may be.

After doing this, you can rock the internet.

Your phone will notify you when you are close to exhausting your plan.

You just have to check your device data usage from time to time, to get a partially accurate view of the amount of data you have used. All you have to do is deduct your current data usage from your total data volume.

Before doing this, it it better to reset your data usage so it reads afresh with your new subscription only.

This is a good way to monitor your airtel night plan and get partially correct information on your current data balance.

For ios users,

Here’s how you can monitor your airtel night plan just like the android method above.

To do this, you have to go to the iPhone settings app.

In the settings app, locate “Cellular“, and tap it. After tapping it, you have to scroll and locate the “Cellular data usage” option.

After doing that, you will see a detailed view of your data usage.

Here’s how to use it for the airtel night plan.

You have to reset your data usage before you start browsing.

When you start using the plan, you data usage would read in accordance with the amount of data you have used from your night plan.

To get the amount of data left on your airtel night plan, you just have to deduct the data usage reading on the cellular data usage on your phone, from the total data volume of the night plan you subscribed for.

This is a cool way to get information on the current data balance on your airtel night plan, right in your phone.

This plan does not have roll over so when it expires, your unused data disappears with it.

How To Renew Airtel Nigeria Night Plan

You can renew this plan by allowing the airtel night plan auto renewal feature, or re-dialing *312#, and following the steps to activate the plan again.

If you would love to deactivate the airtel night plan, then follow the steps below.

How to deactivate Airtel night plan

At times we get into situations where we feel like deactivating a current plan to activate another.

Maybe you subscribed for 500mb for #25, and found out that it would not be sufficient to carry your needs throughout the night, and want to subscribe to another (maybe 1.5gb plan).

If you feel like deactivating an existing bundle on your airtel account, here’s how to do it.

It just takes a few ussd  based steps,and a few seconds to complete.

To deactivate the night plan or any other plan on your airtel sim, follow the steps below.

Dial *121*5#

After dialing this, you will get a pop-up list which contains all the services activated in your airtel account.

To deactivate the night plan, you just have to locate it in the list, and select it to deactivate it.

It is very easy to deactivate.

To deactivate other plans, you do the same. Find the plan on the list of activated packages on your account, and select them to deactivate them.

After deactivating, you can subscribe to another plan if you want.

This is a cool feature in the airtel service.

Another way you can deactivate the airtel night plan is by dialing *567#, and selecting option “2”.


That will be all for the airtel night plans.

If you’d love to see how to get free data on airtel Nigeria, then continue reading.

How To Get Airtel Free Internet Data

Truly, this sounds like an imagination but it is not.

Using the codes that will be given below, you will be able to get free data on the airtel network.

This data works both day and night, and lasts just like the normal data plans.

To do this, you do not need software or apps like the Simple Server, Psiphon, HTTP Injector, and the others.

All you need to do is dial some codes.

One thing I like about it is that it works on all airtel sims.

To do it, dial the codes below;

  1. Free 1mb Airtel Data

To activate this, dial *141*13*1#.

This would give you 1mb free data in your airtel sim.

  1. Free 50MB Airtel Data

Activating this is as easy as dialing *141*13*50#.

You get a whooping 50mb free data by dialing the code.

  1. Free 100MB Airtel Data

To activate free 100mb airtel data in your phone, dial *141*13*100#.

  1. Free 200mb Airtel Data:

To activate this, dial *141*13*20#.

This is the maximum free data you can get at once. You get a whooping 200mb airtel data without spending even a dime.

All it takes is just the code.

N/B: Each airtel sim is qualified for one these codes above.

To check which you are eligible for, I advice you start testing from the highest (200mb).

You wouldn’t want to end up activating 1mb when you are eligible for maybe 100mb.

Your eligibility is based on how often and how much you recharge your airtel line.

Use these codes immediately you see this article, as it might get abolished by airtel anytime.

How To Check Airtel free data balance

After getting your free data, you can just dial *223#, to check your balance, or *140#.

Up to this point, that will be all.

I expect you’d make good use of the information in this article.

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