Video: The Moment Argentinian Boxer Hugo Santillan Died On Stage

 Hugo Santillan dead body

Video: Heartbreaking Moment Argentinian Boxer Hugo Santillan Died On Stage After Suffering 2 Heart Attacks & Kidney Failure

Check out the heartbreaking moment, 23-year-old Argentinian boxer Hugo Santillan died on stage yesterday Thursday the 25th of July 2019.

He collapsed as he raised his arms in celebration at the final bell, and was treated for a brain clot as well as suffering two heart attacks and kidney failure.

Hugo Santillan death video

The 23-year-old super lightweight Hugo Santillan died from injuries suffered during a 10-round bout with Uruguayan champion Eduardo Javier Abreu which ended in a draw in San Nicolas, Argentina.

3 thoughts on “Video: The Moment Argentinian Boxer Hugo Santillan Died On Stage

  1. May his soul rest in peace. Some people think boxing is cute, that it is power show. I see boxing as stupid game, it is a sin to bring two people to kill each other for money and fame.

  2. It’s unfortunate that the barbaric so called sports is still allowed despite the ill fortune that befell boxers like Mohammad Ali and others who suffered brain injuries related to punches they received over the years and which ultimately led to their deaths. I don’t understand how people derive pleasure from inflicting pain or watching others being inflicted and think that is part of a normal, decent human society whilst condemning violence on the other hand. May God console his family, such wastage of a young life.

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