Ijaw Gang Members Kill 30 In Ikorodu Lagos After Police Shot 2 Niger Deltan Militants Dead

ijaw killed 30 ikorodu lagos

June 26, 2016 – Niger Delta Militants Kill 30 In Ikorodu Lagos After Police Killed 2 Ijaw Militants In An Hotel In The Area

Ijaw militants returned to three communities in Ikorodu yesterday killing 30.

The gunmen, who were said to be organising candlelight service for two Ijaw militants killed by police, were said to have suddenly opened fire on residents after sighting local vigilante volunteers on duty.

It was learnt that the gunmen combined the procession with reprisal attacks on their targeted persons, while stray bullets killed several residents scampering for safety.

About 30 residents of Igbolomu, Elepete and Ishawo area of Ikorodu were killed yesterday by the blood-thirsty Ijaw militants.

9 thoughts on “Ijaw Gang Members Kill 30 In Ikorodu Lagos After Police Shot 2 Niger Deltan Militants Dead

  1. The kind of news we hear in Nigeria these days is no different from what Somalia is battling right now.

  2. That tells much about the kind security outfit we have in the country. After the few days incidents in the same town, where were the law enforcement agents during the candle light and procession for their two dead men? Am sure to police and the soldiers the previous killing of more than 50 people means nothing to them.

  3. What is Ambode doing about dis, let them declare a state of emergency, or try and flush out this perpetrators.
    This will av to stop.

  4. Why killing people like animals , I tired ooo. Nigeria news is kill and death dis day, God have mercy

  5. Are they declaring war on Yorubas or something? Because if they are, then I think they are making the biggest mistake. Now people from other parts of the country are saying nothing, if OPC start their ruthless shits no simpleton should pretend to have common sense and preach peace. These Ijaws are minority in ondo state, in fact , they would be hellishly overwhelmed in just one hour of ondo-styled genocide. They better wise up and stop this rubbish!

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