I’m Not A Celebrity Echo, Pls Stop Comparing Me To Linda Ikeji


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May 10, 2014 – I’m Not A Celebrity Echo, Pls Stop Comparing Me To Linda Ikeji

Hello guys, I hardly have time for issues like this but I want to address this once and for all.

Thanks to those of you calling me faceless blogger… yah you’re welcome.

My modus operandi is quite different from all other bloggers out there.

I don’t carry irrelevant news, I only specializes in carrying thought provoking and meaningful news, aproko related stories. I might not be perfect but am doing my best.

I have seen a couple of emails from people pretending to be my fans but I know they are not.

At least once in a day, I do get mails from those comparing me to Linda Ikeji.

Let me be clear, this is NaijaGists.com and NOT Linda Ikeji OK.

I’m not a celebrity echo…. meaning on a slow news day, I don’t go into celebrities social media account to echo their thoughts on my blog, I get no time for that blogging style.

So enough is enough, those sick people should stop emailing me.

And to those who want to know how much am making, thanks for asking… #empty barrels make the most noise. Humility is the key here…

To the loyal naijagisters out there, I appreciate you… You guys are my inspiration and my family.

Thanks for making me who I’m today.

See as you come make me vex now…..It is alright…..#biko friends

Greetings from Prince David and his big brother Emmanuel.