Insane Italian Man Crashes Car In Vatican City, Demands To See The Pope

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September 18, 2016 – Mentally Unstable Italian Man Crashes Car In Vatican City, Demands To See The Pope

Police in Rome have arrested a mentally unstable man who reportedly broke through the security barrier around St Peter’s Square in Rome and rammed his car through a checkpoint demanding to see Pope Francis.

The 64-year-old mentally unstable man who’s said to be a carpenter rode his car through wooden barricades that surround St Peter’s Square on Friday around 9:30pm screaming to see the Pope.

The carpenter based in Ronciglione, a town about 70km from the Vatican city is said to be undergoing psychiatric treatment.

10 thoughts on “Insane Italian Man Crashes Car In Vatican City, Demands To See The Pope

  1. LOLZ@EARING! I THOUGHT as much. If Bench is not arrested now, his titititititititi head may drive him into Aso Rock.

    I WONDER what peeves this guy that he badly wants to see the pope. Funny things.

  2. He is not mad if he knows the road to the Pope’s residence. Indeed, someone should approach him claiming to be the Pope and if the “insane” man disputes the claim there will be confirmation his action was not driven by insanity and should be investigated. This man’s action should not be waved off lightly…… Remember there was an assassination attempt on Pope Jon Paul II’s life….. and these are trying times indeed.

  3. I guess this carpenter must have taken wood-saw-dust mistaken fr marijuana and the reaction in the brain now becomes popolipiapialipiapia instead of the normal titilititiliti (wey bench Igbo dey maintain)… Hence na pope d man fit deal wit instead of police..

    May God see him true in Jesus Name. Amen.

    And so….

    #LGO: Life Goes On..#

  4. Earing and Metu Nyetu or wetin am I calling both of you, I am dey sorry upon you bicos is bizi body is bizi to your body. Was I call you? Is no. So wetin is make you to be join me with mad man weyris drive moto into Pope? Is a thing of bizi bodility or bizi bodiment.

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