“I’ve A Crush On BBA’s Hakeem” Adaora Ukoh Confesses

adaora ukoh crush hakeem bba

July 8th, 2013 – Actress Adaora Ukoh Confesses “I’ve A Crush On BBA’s Hakeem”

Nollywood actress Adaora Ukoh just made a shocking confession via her Twitter page.

The confession is about the ongoing BBA Africa show.

The beautiful actress said she is crushing on Hakeem Munyaradzi Mandaza, the representative from Zimbabwe.

Hakeem was the subject of the last eviction on the controversial TV show.

Check out Adaora’s tweet below;

“OMG…….m I crushing on dz HaKeem guy….!!!

For the records, Adaora Ukoh is married.

What will happen if her husband sees this?

10 thoughts on ““I’ve A Crush On BBA’s Hakeem” Adaora Ukoh Confesses

  1. Ada is a b**ch with no respect to her hubby. Stupid i**ot, you are the pipo who are spreading HIV you fool.

  2. I don’t blame her Hakeem is too hunky not to crush on even though he’s confusing Zambia’s cleo.I don’t mind hving him for b/fast, lunch n’ super.

  3. What you just need is repentance from sin of lust. Remember, any sinner that dies will go to hell. Stop attending this devlish show called BBA ; for is a forum where singles meet for so called entertainment of sexual immorality. Likewise, the married.

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