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Man Killed By Wife’s Boyfriend In Desperate Bid To Get Her Back

man killed rival zimbabwe

Man Killed By Wife’s Boyfriend In Desperate Bid To Get Her Back

A man’s desperate bid to woo with his estranged wife back took a turn for the worse after he was beaten to death by the wife’s alleged lover.

According to New Zimbabwe, the deceased Robert Sibanda of Chivhu met his untimely demise after he went to the house where his estranged wife, Svodai Manjengwa, was now cohabiting with her new lover, one Sundirai Simango.

The Acting Mashonaland East police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Misheck Denhere, Sibanda, was alleged to have broken a window at Simango’s house in Chivhu’s Highview suburb in order to gain entry.

He was said to have begged Svodai to return with him to the couple’s matrimonial home.

Unfortunately, Sibanda was said to have also insulted Simango in the process, who responded asymmetrically by using an iron bar to assault Sibanda all over his body.

After beating Sibanda until he was unconscious, Simango handed himself over to the police when he filed a police report.

Sibanda was pronounced dead on arrival at Chivhu Hospital. Simango has since been charged with murder and was remanded in custody when he appeared at the courts.

Svodai, on the other hand, fled from the scene of the crime and has not been seen since the fateful day.



  1. Mon

    May 13, 2019 at 1:39 AM

    She fled away and will relocate to keep on causing havoc…two men down, one dead, the other life jail (depending on their law), but no rest of mind, though his lawyer may argue that the victim was killed as an intruder since he gained entrance through the window.

    ….and the surprising thing at the end is the two guys may be good friends. Those things in-between the legs are really dangerous.

  2. DB

    May 13, 2019 at 10:42 AM

    Going to your rival’s house put you in harms way already. It is not as if you can love her again after running off with another man, so why enter lion’s den? The boyfriend will claim self defence

  3. uzoma

    May 13, 2019 at 1:07 PM

    The deceased is stupid to have gone to the house of his wife’s lover and gaining entry through the window. There are too many women for one to waste his life over his wife’s/girlfriend’s infidelity. Even if the woman had come back to him, there is no guarantee she will not cheat on him again. She left on her own volition and so should return on her own volition, not begged or pressured to return. But, if bent on going to confront the wife’s lover, he should have been prepared for any eventuality; arm yourself with a gun to kill both if attacked. I said kill both because if only the lover is killed, the wife will report him to the police.

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