Jay-Z, Beyonce, Nelson Mandela & Rihanna’ BodyGuard Killed By Police In Miami Florida

beyonce jazy bodyguard killed in Miami

Sept 6, 2013 – Jay-Z, Beyonce, Nelson Mandela & Rihanna BodyGuard Killed In Miami – Norman Oosterbroek Tasered Dead By Police In Miami Florida For Invading Neighbour’s Home Naked

Popular celebrity bodyguard, Norman Oosterbroek is dead.

The 43-year-old security expert died on Monday September 2nd, 2013 in Miami Florida.

While under the influence of cocaine, Norman broke into his neighbour’s mansion in Miami Florida.

The victim called police on him and every attempt to arrest him proved abortive.

Police laser tasered him to death for trespassing naked.

Late Norman Oosterbroek was a popular celebrity security guard.

In the past, he was responsible for protecting popular celebs like Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Jay-Z, Rihanna and even Nelson Mandela.

He became popular after protecting Nelson Mandela in South Africa.

His encounter with Mandela made him popular. He later form his own private security firm named RAD.

The neighbour who called police on him claim they hardly knew him and were still in shock by Monday night’s ordeal that allegedly led to his death

“Our family needs time to heal. This was really, really horrible and we can’t talk about it now,” Mrs Jung told the paper.

‘I can tell you that Pinecrest police took very good care of us. It was horrifying.’ – said Mrs Jung.

Norman before his death invaded his neighbour’s house.

It’s possible that he may have been under some type of a narcotics. Again, he was observed swallowing, ingesting some kind of substance, unknown substance“ said Miami Police spokeswoman, Detective Javier Baez,

After police tasered him, he reportedly fell down injured. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors confirmed him dead.

So sad!

Here are some photos of Norman Oosterbroek before his death

Norman Oosterbroek with Beyonce

Norman Oosterbroek with Rihanna in Barbados

Norman with Lady Gaga

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  1. His job enforced him to always take drugs. Anyway, death of a colleague is often not entertain people.

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