John Dumelo’s Wife Threatens To Divorce Him Over New Lover

john dumelo new loverNew woman (L), Wife(R)

August 15, 2013 – John Dumelo’s Wife Harrina AlexanderThreatens To Divorce Him Over New Woman

Do you guys remember one Mrs Harrina Alexander who wrote few months back over her secret affair with actor John Dumelo, if you missed the previous story, read it here.

Our dear Harrina is back in the news again after months of silence.

Harrina who released the marriage certificate of herself and the movie star said she’s going to serve him divorce papers for refusing to cooperate with her.

This came days after spotting John Dumelo with a well-endowed Ghanaian woman, a Cossy Orjiakor look-alike.

john dumelo new lover

John Dumelo and the lady pictured above were spotted at Channel O’s News Live in Accra Ghana over the weekend  .

Hear Harrina Alexander in her own words below;

This is Mrs. Harrina Alexander, I am writing to you because you seem to be a very close friend to John.Tell your friend since he has this new old looking woman in Ghana. I will serve his divorce papers this month in Ghana. I will be in Ghana to serve his papers with my lawyer since he refuse to cooperate with me. Lets see who is telling the truth in all this useless saga!! No matter how many woman he carry around he still has a wife. Anyway please relate my message to your friend.”

Harrina is a US-based nurse who claims she married the actor few years back but the actor has refused to acknowledge the marriage saying Harrina is lying.

This is not the first time Harrina will threaten John Dumelo with divorce.

11 thoughts on “John Dumelo’s Wife Threatens To Divorce Him Over New Lover

  1. The kinda life these celebrities live is just amazing, most of them don’t know what to do when they become famous. Marriage has become something they trifle with, something they toy with, something they take with levity. God help ’em!

  2. She sounded so childish, seeing him with a woman should not be concluded for a relationship, has he weded u?

  3. D lady is lying john is nt yet married 2 anyone one, john is stil sigle. I watch an interview some wks ago at metro tv ghana wit john he is a sigle man. Let her go ahead wit her rumors while john wil be busy making his money.

  4. Why is it that most men dont appreciate what they have.can u compare ur wife with that old woman u went and carry? Abi na because of the upper part?

  5. probably it was business marriage for green card which she want to make real. pls divorce him on time make we hear word. imagine you claim you are married and u ar based in the US, as a woman are u not suppose to be where ur husband is or what is the meaning of marriage – it is togetherness and companionship if u don’t know. u better get serious with ur life cos u ar fading away already.

  6. john,go with mrs american woman want to hold u at ransome..may be they married to solidify john,s be by force

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