Lagos Third Mainland Bridge About To Collapse; Underwater Metal Casing Has Decayed – Foreign Expert Warns

3rd mainland bridge collapsed

Feb 12, 2013 – Lagos 3rd Mainland Bridge About To Collapse Due To Cracks & Structural Damage- Foreign Expert Warns

According to investigations recently conducted by foreign experts, a greater part of the underneath of the nation’s longest bridge, the Third Mainland Bridge, is said to be on the verge of collapse, putting the lives of about 350,000 Lagosians that use the nation’s longest bridge daily in serious danger.

Findings of foreign underwater survey experts reveal that the underwater metal casing, housing the concrete pile and on which the bridge stands, has decayed. This, it was said, has been causing incessant shifting and unusual vibrations in some portions of the bridge by commuters plying the bridge for quite some time.

Reports say Prof. JHT Kim, Head of the Concrete Structural Engineering Laboratory, Yousei University, Seoul Korea, came on research in December 2012 and conducted an underwater examination of the structures holding the bridge and reported that the severe damage to the structure was worse than what he had been briefed.

The professor’s report indicated that there was progressive steel caisson deterioration in about 1, 318 foundation piles and that there was extensive reinforcement bar deterioration in eight piles.

The implication, some experts note, is that Adeniji Adele, Adekunle and Oworonshoki ends of the bridge could collapse and therefore require comprehensive works to be carried out on the foundation immediately.

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