Leaked Email: Rihanna Calls Chris Brown A Horrible Boyfriend


rihanna leaked email

July 11, 2014 – Leaked Email: Rihanna Calls Chris Brown A Horrible Boyfriend

Troubled American rapper Chris Brown recently leaked an email his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna sent to him back in 2008 to friends.

In the email obtained by TMZ, Rihanna said;

Its now over 2 hours since I talked to you
Don’t you care???
I’m here sittin waiting on your phone call lieka fool!!! And still you have not even charged your phone yet
Dont you care about me Chris or am i just a whenever u get around to me thing??? Cus that’s how the f**k i feel
I always have to beg for your time. Why??? This is so wack to me. You are really being a wack ni*** to me right n  I thought about your that entire flight and couldn’t wait til I got off to talk to you! And this is what I get! Why are you such a WACK boyfriend! Its like I doesn’t even matter to you or cross your mind.
Why would you purposely put me thru this. Knowing that I really want to talk to you>>
You’re so ugly inside. You are a horrible person”

According to TMZ, Chris Brown leaked the email to show Rihanna’s desperation to date him. The rapper has vowed not to date Rihanna again.

Is it necessary to leak an email of close to 6 years.

It looks as if Rihanna forced herself on Chris Brown throughout their entire dating period.