Linda Ikeji Blog Secrets Revealed: How Her Blog Gained Popularity

linda ikeji secrets

Oct 28, 2012 – Linda Ikeji’s Secrets Revealed: How Her Blog Gained Popularity

While doing a research yesterday, I came across a very shocking article about Linda Ikeji.

This top secret was revealed by a top Nigerian SEO Blogger,

Read the detail revelation below.

I recently visited my facebook page; the status update debate was a story coined from Linda Ikeji’s blog. It was actually amazing how this blog story could be generating a controversial debate among thousands of my facebook friends. I knew that for that day only; the visitors to that blog must not be less than 3000 thousands. Any webmaster will understand the angle I’m coming from.

Now the question is; what is the really secret of this blog, How does this Linda Ikeji blog actually gain her popularity, exposure and at the same time maintain and retain her wider readers. Dear readers, this is not done by magic but rather it was achieved by a time conceived strategies.

Before I begin to unravel these time conceived strategies; let me take you through this blog. Welcome to Linda Ikeji blog, this is unique title of this blog. If you are sleeping and somebody walk up and ask you, where did you read this your interesting story? Wouldn’t you remember any of this phrase; Linda blog, Linda Ikeji blog, linda ekeji blog, Sure, you will. Let see the blog description; Nollywood Gossips, Fashion, Entertainment, Celebrity, Gists wink! The attractive nature of the pictures both fashion and story pictures found on this blog are reflected on the blog description, “entertaining” and to add to this; all stories on blog goes with a picture to authenticate the true nature of the story. What about the background of this blog? The background of this blog is a blogger template background for entertainment. If you a popular fan of this blog, how did you usual feel when you are on this blog reading a particular story? And even if you a blogger reading this article; have you ever consider the background colour of your own blog, does it actually reflect your blog niche topic.

In late 2010 – early 2011 before was move to though still retains site description of Gossips, Celebrity Gists, etc… was a related blog niche to linda ikeji blog ranking #4 in Google pagerank. Linda ikeji receives virtually all backlinks from this blog to rise to Google top search. She got thousands of her backlinks from this site. Whether she bought the backlinks or not is not my concern but the truth is that this backlinks with her twisted captivating post title from this blog push her blog up Google indexing among no 10 alongside with I am a popular fan of then that’s how I came to know linda ikeji blog.

When linda ikeji discovered that is moving to and knowing that the Google pagerank of will automatically fall, she stop receiving backinks and began to run google adwords (pay per click) on her blog name, linda ikeji. Well, whether she is the one running the Google adwords or those who advertise on her blog; the most important thing is that this ads put this blog across the hook and cranny of the web. This was the totality of her branding. The blog is simply known by her name which was why she runs an adwords on blog name. i bet you all the while you have been visiting that blog, you search the blog by typing Linda ikeji, linda ikeji blog or linda ekeji. This is how linda ikeji blog got her popularity and exposure.

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Linda Ikeji is a smart woman, we don’t think anybody doing black hat seo will survive Google’s next update. Linda is obviously not into stuff like that.

From what we understand from the story above, she used Adwords to promote her blog then.

We are still unsure if she actually used in her Adwords campaign. sent Linda a friendly email few weeks back to stop using our name in her ads. We hope the smart chick understands the content of our email.

Wishing Linda Ikeji success in her career.

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