Mad Man Stabs Girlfriend To Death At Douglas Market Owerri Imo State

mad man kills girlfriend owerri market

Insane Man Kills Girlfriend At Douglas Market Owerri Imo State

An insane man has been handed over to the police after killing his girlfriend in broad day light at the popular Douglas market in Owerri, the capital city of Imo State today.

According to eyewitnesses, the  man used a kitchen knife to stab his girlfriend repeatedly until she passed out while others watched in horror.

He was later apprehended and beaten to stupor before police operatives patrolling the area rescued him from being lynched.

6 thoughts on “Mad Man Stabs Girlfriend To Death At Douglas Market Owerri Imo State

  1. This guy is not crazy at all. Don’t let us enmesh ourselves in the idea that some people are insane whenever this kind of tragic occurs. When they were dating, he wasn’t mad, why now? That guy should have been lynched before the arrival of the police. This kind of incidence is now becoming rampant and nothing was done to stop it. How could anyone kills another fellow human being and expect to live again?

  2. They were watching him murder her… proactive individual that can deliver him a blow to know him out and stop the carnage. Next time, another mad person will also try it.

  3. Why were they watching and waiting while he stabbed her? Could he be more powerful than five men? A mad man doesnt have girlfriends, this one was in his right frame of mind and chose to commit murder

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