Malawian Referee Who Killed Football Player During Match Arrested, Claimed Self-Defence

referee killed football player malawiThe suspect

A referee who killed a football player during a soccer match in Southern Malawi town of Thyolo on Wednesday has been arrested.

The 28-year-old referee identified as Mcnight Nyekheya (pictured above)  was overseeing a match between, Chilengo and Billiat Football Clubs when one of the Chilengo players rejected his decision to invalidate a goal.

He later changed the decision which didn’t go well with Billiat players.

A fight soon broke out which forced the referee to flee to a nearby house for safety.

The angry Billiat players reportedly set the house on fire to force him out only for him to use a stick to beat one of the players to death.

He reportedly fled before turning himself over on Friday morning.

Nyekheya who is currently facing murder charges said he carried out the act in self defence.

Meanwhile, the footballers later stormed the suspect’s parents home in Makhomo Village and set the house on fire hours after they invaded his office at Mkhate Trading Centre in Chikwawa town.

4 thoughts on “Malawian Referee Who Killed Football Player During Match Arrested, Claimed Self-Defence

    • I agree @wale ijaya, he looks clueless 4 real .
      Don’t they have security guard to restrain d players. it must be avillage football match

  1. If setting house on fire to force out a man hiding there is not a threat to his life, then what is? His claim of self defense makes sense. It is a pity that a football game which is expected to be an outward manifestation of sportsmanship and camaraderie would cost this man his two homes,his freedom and God forbid possibly his life.
    Unfortunate indeed!

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