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MC Oluomo May Die If Makanje Voodoo Knife Venom Is Not Extracted From His Body – Politician

mc oluomo stabbed makanje voodoo knife

MC Oluomo May Die Because Of Makan Eje Voodoo Knife Venom In His Body – Political Source

Oluomo Was Stabbed With Makanje Voodoo Knife, They Shouldn’t Have Rushed Him To The Hospital

An anonymous APC politician has claimed that NURTW boss MC Oluomo who was attacked on Wednesday may die if a poisonous venom in his body is not extracted.

The source said a voodoo knife popularly called Makan Eje aka Makanje (Do Not Touch Blood) was used in stabbing him by those who his spiritual power secrets.

Here is what the source said yesterday:

“MC Oluomo wasn’t supposed to be rushed to the hospital after being stabbed, because he supposedly wears a spiritual armour that shields him from gun, knife and other dangerous weapons.

“The knife used to stab him was a poisoned one. He was expected to be inured from the venom of a poisoned knife. Because Oluomo was ‘unkillable’, the only way they could break through his skin was to poison the knife and as I speak with you now, native and medical doctors are battling to keep him alive by extracting the venom from his body.”

Even though police boss Imohimi said he is still recovering at the Eko Hospital, insiders said Oluomo was taken out of the hospital to a secret location late last night in order to save his life.



  1. Fifelomo

    January 10, 2019 at 8:31 PM

    Vanity upon vanity… must die of something someday.

  2. berry blue

    January 10, 2019 at 9:29 PM

    it’s only God protection that we all need in our life. Though l wasn’t at the avenue, but I’m sure MC was not alone because people do surround him, but still he was being stabbed.

  3. Jilo

    January 11, 2019 at 1:56 PM

    That is absolutely true. The knife used to stab this guy is lethal and not ordinary knife according to this writer. Once it touches his blood, that is it. It may take a genuine native doctor who really knows the antidote of this poisonous knife to heal MC otherwise, that may be it. I’m not God, I can’t say that is going to be his end because only God can saves life’s. Notwithstanding, he still needs medical treatment even though traditional native Doctors can neutralize the poison, he must still be treated to prevent possible infection.

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