Native Doctor Treating Injured Armed Robber Disappears As Police Invade House In Enugu

native doctor disappears enugu

July 6, 2016 – Herbalist Who Specialises In Treating Injured Armed Robbers Disappears As Police Invade House In Enugu

A native doctor shocked police officials in Enugu state over the weekend when he suddenly disappeared during a raid on his house at Orba in Udenu LGA of the state.

Police operatives have intensified manhunt to catch the fleeing herbalist whose activities include the treatment of wounded armed robbery suspects.

The herbalist was treating an armed robbery suspect identified as Ambrose Okwudili Ugwu of Isiamaelu village Ohodo when police invaded his house.

Police discovered that he had already disappeared but the robbery suspect was promptly arrested with bullet injuries.

12 thoughts on “Native Doctor Treating Injured Armed Robber Disappears As Police Invade House In Enugu

  1. Not surprised, this is Africa. We have original juju. All the same all power belongs to God, he will be caught soon.

  2. lolz this is funny,pls FG should equipt police in all ramification even jujucially,yes if they r jujucially equipt as the native doctor disappear police will follow him disappear too and they will make sure they catch him.

  3. The man is still human and will need to return to his house for ordinary life matters. The police will catch him if they lay ambush for him at his house. He cannot “disappear forever .

  4. Original voodoo, so u expect him to be caught when he can either disappear or make himself invisible.
    But one day shall be one day when monkey go go market and he no go return, he will surelly be arrested one day.

  5. His shrine should be set ablaze so that he will die where ever he disappeared to. As for that ole, he should be locked up in jail

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