Nigerian Asylum Seeker Who Falsified Boko Haram Membership To Stay In Germany Charged With Terrorism

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January 26, 2018 – Nigerian Man Amaechi Fred, Suspected Boko Haram Member Arrested In Bavaria Germany Charged With Terrorism

Nigerian Asylum Seeker Who Claims He Was A Former Boko Haram Member Charged With Terrorism In Bavaria Germany

Here is an exclusive report a fan based in Germany sent to about Amaechi Alfred, a suspected Boko Haram member who was charged with terrorism in Bavaria today.

According to our source, here is the report making round among Nigerians in Germany.

The Nigerian man from Onitsha whose real name is Amaechi Alfred (last name withheld by request), a graduate of the Nigerian Defence Academy managed to land in Bavaria Germany where he applied for asylum status sadly while he was trying to make a case for himself, he “shot” himself in the foot when he falsely confessed to an intake worker that he was a member of the Boko Haram sect for one year and that he quit the group and fled to Germany because the terrorist sect was after his life.

To cut the long story short, the intake worker allegedly called police to pick him up but he escaped.

He was declared wanted on Wednesday and 4 hours later, police caught him at an undisclosed location.

That was how 27-year-old Alfred who was never a terrorist got himself in trouble.

The source urged NG to warn Nigerians seeking asylum all over the world to desist from using terrorism related stories to make a case.

Amaechi Alfred was today charged for being a member of Boko Haram sect and remanded in Police custody.

What a sad story!!!!.

9 thoughts on “Nigerian Asylum Seeker Who Falsified Boko Haram Membership To Stay In Germany Charged With Terrorism

  1. Can you get me chioma email, I was also wondering how can Fred Amaechi be a terrorist. I tis not adding up.
    Please get me Chioma’s detail to see how we can help dis boy. I’m based in Berlin Germany, I can get lawyers for him

  2. He must be out of his mind. What came over him or did someone gave him a wrong advice. So sad he is stuck for life all becasue he lied.

  3. Am even more worried than the parents of dis boy. How can he get out of dis. someone must have gave him a wrong counsel.

  4. No one jokes with terrorism except naija. people who claimed ex boko mallam member receive commendation from the northern oligarchs abd readily converted to herdsmen ti continue their massacre mr man,u live where rule of law works.u would have told the Germans that buhari’s jobless administration drove u out.u might even be granted permanent stay.

  5. I too wonder when I saw d report on facebook yesterday. How can Amaechi be boko haram. I expect Umar Sani Shehu and the like

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