Nigerian Lady Dating 3 Guys For Over 2 Years Confesses, Seeks Help

nigerian lady dating 3 men

By Oby Omalicha Chuka

I’m Oby Omalicha Chuka, I have never been this confused in my entire life, kindly read to the end and advice me sincerely. Please don’t tell me to pray or go for deliverance, I know that already, I just need practical advice. I am 28 years old, I have been dating these 3 guys for 2 years plus, I am not an ashawo cos I don’t even sleep with 2, I only sleep with one. I just don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket cos you never know who would turn out to be an asshole.

So everything has been OK until recently,as if they planned it, the 2 guys that I do not sleep with started asking questions about my people, how they do marriage rites, if I would like to marry them and so many questions suggesting that a proposal is probably on their minds.

And the way this is going, if I don’t make up my mind soon, I will not be able to say yes or no if any of them proposes, I like them differently for different reasons. Please help me to decide, what really matters most in marriage, should I test them with one of my girlfriends to see who really loves me? What do I do please? No insults please I will be reading comments.

10 thoughts on “Nigerian Lady Dating 3 Guys For Over 2 Years Confesses, Seeks Help

  1. I think u have problem Omalicha you n ame sounds too sweet for what you are doing. Have u heard of the story of the woman who jumped into river in lagos, I think she started like you.
    I won’t tell u what u want to hear. Dump 2 of them and concentrate on one. period

  2. Omalicha the decision is yours, dating 3guys isn’t funny at all and if care isn’t taking you will end up loss 3guy of them.

  3. Which eggs you don’t want to put in one basket? Didn’t you hear about sisi Toyin that jumped into the lagoo few days ago? Is this how women are, dating three men at a time? How can you sleep at night doing this? Triangulated affairs will surely backfire, and how, depend on the temperament of the two that will loose out. Cut the delicate journey short, pick one with the help of your religious leader and extensively pray that things will be okay. The world is bad enough don’t multiply your situation by 3 and if you fail to do it with Godliness, and everything fell on your yansh, please stay clear of third mainland bridge, kini ke, we can have all those innocent fishes eating fucked up humans.

  4. Omalicha let your heart be as sweet as your name sounds. You said you date three of them for different reasons. What are the reasons? Already you already said you only sleep with one which means he is the one you really love because it takes special love for a woman to expose her nakedness to one guy when he is not the only guy she is dating. Now you keep one for sex and maybe the other two for money and gifts. Unfortunately, the one you truly love does not care to ask the type of marriage questions the other less loved two are asking. Although you said not to ask you to pray but, please PRAY to God to make you make the right decision. Or you can propose to the one you are sleeping with because if you marry any of the other two chances are you will cheat if the one you are sleeping with now comes around because he is the one you truly love.

  5. Since you don’t want to pray nor get deliverance your case is simply just accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior, now this is the advice that will sustain you for all the days of your life.

  6. My dear prayer is the key to a successful marriage. You really tried keeping 3 men at the same time for two good years. Only God can give you the best the earlier you realizes that the better for you. Jesus loves you

  7. why don’t you marry the three. At least if one fails, you will still hang to two. Idiot !
    Do you even know the meaning of marriage, When you are already an adulterer and to seek for forgiveness of sins from God, you are asking for stupid advice. I think your family generational curse is worrying you when you turn the choice of spouse to breed and butter.

    You had better ask God for forgiveness otherwise you will soon commit suicide.

    All you need is prayer for deliverance.

  8. This one will definitely keep boyfriends on the side even after she gets married. I hope that is ur real picture u put on ur write-up so guys can wise up and mark ur face. If u are not ashewo like u claim, then what are u? Olosho, I’m sure. How are we even sure u have not slept with all the 3 guys u are talking about. What a disgrace to womanhood.

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